Laptop screen won’t turn on after closing and reopening lid

As the title says, laptop screen won’t turn on now. Also it looks like my keyboard and mouse are off as well, so I can’t even go into a TTY or press F2.

I have tried force shutting down by holding the power button but when I turn the laptop on again but it results in the same outcome - screen not turning on, keyboard/mouse not lighting up.

I cannot provide an inxi output but here are some relevant specs:

Lenovo Legion Y520
Intel i5-7300HQ
NVidia GTX1050 Mobile
KDE Plasma with SDDM
GPI switching with optimus-manager however I’ve set it to only dGPU all of the time

If you need any other info I will provide what I can

Posting from my phone

I had the same issue with KDE on my Lenovo T495s. Solved it by disabling / removing TLP and installing Laptop Mode Tools.

I had a similar issue on msi running cinnamon. Turns out it was my usb/Bluetooth mouse. If I turned it on/plugged it in before I opened the lid the screen wouldn't wake up, have to wake up the laptop before connecting the mouse

Disconnected everything, force shutdown and turned it on again. Still nothing.

This is a similarity I’m seeing between all of the solutions I looked up. The problem is, I can’t change those settings if the screen is black and the mouse/keyboard won’t work.

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