Laptop stuck at emergency shell

I left my laptop down to download something and when i came back it was turned off so im guessing that it ran out of battery. I pluged the charger and when i turned it off i was greeted with that message. I dont really care about my data on that machine theres just one textfile on my desktop that i need. I cant type i tried typing on the laptop keyboard and plugging in a usb keyboard and that didnt work either

You need a Live-session. Install it to a USB-drive. See this guide:

with this information you are able chroot into manjaro-installation. From the live-session you can retrieve your text-file.
Was the download a software update? Seems something of the mount package is missing.

  1. When you are in the chroot-environment you can run sudo pacman -Syu to check if all the updates are finished.
  2. Reboot.
  3. If it didn't help go to /var/cache/pkg, check there for all packages you installed today and search in /var/cache/pkg for the older versions. You can install them with pacman -U and the package name if your working directory is /var/cache/pacman/pkg see also here regarding the downgrade.
    You can try packages related to mount first.

you actually don't need to use chroot to just get your file, you simply need to mount your manjaro-partition.

For the future I would recommend to use timeshift. It is available in the repositories.

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I was actually torrenting something when i left it. I booted from the live usb i used to install manjaro and used thunar to make my way to my desktop and copy the file. Since the file i torrented is really large im copying that too to an external hard drive. Now im debating whether i should repair it or start over... im probably going to start over since its easier

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