Laptop stuck on shutdown showing error help

Here's a photo of what my laptop is displaying currently. It's been stuck on this screen for over thirty minutes now but the cursor does keep blinking. Any ideas? Should I just manually turn it off? I really hope I don't lose any data or anything and if someone could explain what this photo means I'd appreciate it!!


Do you have VirtualBox installed? I'm wondering if this is a bug/glitch with VM.

If you haven't already, just reset or poweroff the machine. There's nothing you can do otherwise.

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I also found this via thegoogles. NOTE: DO Not do this yet (downgrade the kernel)
Not sure if it's the cause.


Make sure that your VM is not running in the background. Shut it down and then see if your system will shut down normally. If not, then all you can do is turn it off, but you need to troubleshoot to find out what is causing the issue. look at your logs, in /var/logs or any logs that may be in your programs directory to see if it produces any errors.

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