Latest update broke my system: Can't get into TTY

Hi there.

My machine is complete broken after the last update. I made the mistake of not checking Phil's release notes & am now paying the price.

I think it is related to Phil's following warning: “warning: systemd: local (239.3XX-X) is newer than core (239.6-4)” What do I do? You have to downgrade at least to 239.6-4 otherwise you will have a broken system as 239.3XX-X is NOT compiled against the new libidn2 package.

I have attached two photos to assist anyone who can help me. The first is of the boot-up message & the second one was the strange message received when I tried to turn off the machine after the update.

This is my work machine, so I would really appreciate any help. It's my fault but I hope it can be fixed. Thanks in advance, Ruziel.

001%20-%20Boot%20up%20 002%20-%20Shut%20down%20message

.........did you read the announcement or any one of the last 666 threads on this?


I am currently trying to log into the TTY terminal but am not getting anywhere. Oh how I regret not reading the release notes.

Boot without X - TTY1 by adding the "e" to the end of the "Linux" line is also not working.

Here's hoping.


Boot live ISO, chroot, sudo pacman -Syyuu ... many threads already with this info.

Thanks, yes this is my next step.

Every time you see a low level hardware bug when booting, try upgrading your BIOS first.

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Hopefully this will save your back..

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ruziel ... last week an update to my 4.19.14 also broke my bootup, for the same systemd flaw.

I followed all the many suggestions here and links, nothing would get me to a GrUB selection screen. The best I got with this was a grub_rescue> prompt. I am a hobbyist and not a coder, so I was nearly reduced to a reinstallation and trying to save my /home on a separate partition.

The key savior turned out to involve booting a Live USB and entering 'C' to get to a GrUB boot prompt. With two lines, I was back at my original desktop, Octopi had some systemd update ready for me, and two more lines fixed my installation original GrUB. Hope this helps.

Here is the advice that save my bacon:


Thanks everyone. These comments were on-the-money & will certainly help others in the future who search for such solutions.

The Manjaro community is amazing. In the 5+ years I've been using this OS, it's the first time I had to boot up using a Live ISO to fix something. It was surprisingly easy.

Thanks you and more power to you all.

Ruziel :slight_smile:

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