Latest update broke my system

Hello, I just updated my system using sudo pacman -Syu under ctrl alt F6 console and after restart i cant get into the system anymore. Photo below. Keyboard doesnt respond.
WP_20190124_12_54_40_Pro Can somebody help me ?

see also this from 4 days ago

i have the exact same problem, luckily i have a second system that i can use to arch-chroot into the broken one. what to do?

Deja vu! It looks like I’ve seen this issue before. So many times in fact, that may I point you to this?

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= a total contradiction of @philm's crystal clear text at the top of the latest Update's thread. He guided us all exactly what to do... but somehow hordes of Manjaroos chose to ignore him. I don't get it. IMO it's not the latest update broke my system, it's more accurately described as i broke my system.


I don’t usually update through terminal, but when it has a command listed at the top saying “please upgrade via pacman -Syyu” I upgrade via tty!

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Many make their way on to the forum easily enough once they bork their system but reading an update announcement that would have spared them from it is too much to ask apparently . Worse yet are those that read it and decided they know better , disregard it , bork their system and then post about it on the announcement thread . I've been shaking my head in disbelief a lot lately .


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