Latte Dock - FAQ

This is an effort to construct a proper Latte Dock Documentation page. Its starting point is the old Github wiki, in direction to re-construct in a proper/better way to be a useful guide for "Latte Ecosystem" users. Contributing is in a volunteer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Latte Dock? How did it begin?

    Latte Dock is a dock based on plasma frameworks and a direct successor of Now Dock. Latte is the combined effort from the developers of Now Dock and Candil Dock.

  2. How can I add launchers?

    The easiest and memory efficient way is to drag n' drop them on the taskmanager (this is the area that dots and lines are shown under running windows).

    Hint: You can add them also outside the taskmanager but that creates animation issues for size <64px and it is memory hungry.

  3. How can I add applets?

    A: right click on your Plasma desktop -> Add Widgets. From the plasma widgets explorer drag n' drop any widget you want onto your Latte dock

  4. How can I enable Edit Mode in Latte?

    A: In Edit Mode the user can remove applets, change their ordering and access advanced settings in various areas. To enable it the user just has to show the Latte Settings Window.

  5. How can I move/remove applets?

    A: you should go to Edit Mode (this is when the settings window is shown) and then you can drag any applet you want to be placed elsewhere. At the same point you can also remove it by right clicking on it or by pressing the [X] button and the tooltip above the applet.

  6. Can I disable parabolic effect for a specific applet?

    A: You should go to Edit Mode (this is when the settings window is shown) and then hover over the specific applet. Its tooltip contains a locker icon that you can use to disable parabolic effect for that applet.

  7. My launcher and its window are not associated correctly OR my launcher is using a low-resolution icon?

    A: That issue means that plasma libtaskmanager has not associated correctly your launcher and app windows with the relevant desktop file. Plasma is trying to be smart enough in order to identify correctly which desktop files are associated to specific windows but there are cases that it fails. Best way to solve this is to check the StartupWMClass record in the desktop file. That record should point at the proper WM_CLASS record at all times. For example even though Latte desktop file is called org.kde.latte-dock.desktop its StartupWMClass is lattedock. In order to identify correctly the StartupWMClass for an application you can use xprop to do so.


    Run xprop in command prompt
    Click on the window you are interested in
    Locate at the end of the output the record WM_CLASS(STRING) =
    Add the previous mentioned record in the application desktop file at the StartupWMClass field

    e.g. for Gimp 2.10 even though its desktop file is called gimp.desktop its StartupWMClass is gimp-2.10 . StartupWMClass is not needed to be added for Gimp because plasma developers have taken special care to map it properly through /etc/xdg/taskmanagerrulesrc.

  8. How Latte Dock (auto)starts and why a widget is provided?

    A: Latte starts from the menu; there is no need to place the widget on your desktop. It is there for testing purposes. The automatic start can be enabled through Settings Window -> Tweaks.

  9. Did any other dock inspire you? How does Latte Dock compare to other docks?

    A: Latte has an architecture inspired and based on Plasmashell, but we also took some inspiration from Plank eg: the Visibility modes.

  10. What technology/programming language does it make use of?

    A: Latte is mostly written in Qt/QML and C++14, but this project would not be possible without KDE Frameworks 5.

  11. Ok, you convinced me to try it! How can I install it and what are its dependencies?

    A: Download the sources and build Latte also remember to install the dependencies. Please read README and INSTALLATION. But if you have problems or doubts you can ask us.

  12. Which distributions have packages for it, so to install it via P.M. ?

    A: Please read at the bottom of Latte Dock Main Page the Repositories section.

  13. After the launcher bouncing animation the window showing isn't smooth?

    A: Try the following steps,

    Go to Plasma System Settings -> Applications -> Launch Feedback -> (disable) Task Manager animation
    If the problem remains then your application desktop file might be missing the StartupWMClass record. For Inkscape that would be StartupWMClass=inkscape. You can use the xprop program in order to identify that value correctly.

  14. What are some basic configuration options?

    A: Latte is highly configurable. We invite you to explore and configure latte to your pleasure from the config window. :+1: But some special features are: Visibility, Zoom Effect and Add widgets/plasmoids from Plasma5.

  15. Where is(are) the configuration(s) stored?

    A: Be careful!! cat ~/.config/lattedock-appletsrc cat ~/.config/lattedockrc

  16. Inside ~/.config/lattedock-appletsrc I see various stuff. Can you explain a little the idea behind those?

    A: Config is organized based on Containments (eg [Containments][1]). Each of those has a number to distinguish one from the other and each one also has different blocks of options. That's where applets come in to play and each Containment has its applets (usually one - [Containments][1][Applets][2]). So it goes like:


    Now, applet-2 maybe a series of launchers, a Plasma Widget, anything. Each and every applet also has multiple blocks of configuration. A block might be for generic applet configuration (eg. [Containments][1][Applets][2]) or about some more specific options (eg [Containments][1][Applets][2][Configuration][General]).

    As you can tell we can't write all about those numerous options, but here is the deal: You can tweak every applet separately, you can change the appearance order of applets with appletOrder=No_of_Applet;No_of_Another, under [Containments][1][General]* , you can manually change the iconSize in the same block, if want shadows, what the zoomLevel has to be and etc. A sample is provided here to see for your self.

    You see, it contains all the other applets and you tweak under general options

  17. What are some expert configuration options to never mess with?

    A: None is forbidden, as long as you take frequent backups of your configuration. Use cron or similar software to automate the procedure and place them in a safe place.

  18. How can I enable the Latte Global Shortcuts?

    A: In most cases you need to go to plasma System Settings -> Global Shortcuts -> Latte Dock and enable what shortcuts you need.

    • Super+No: activate a task
    • Super+Ctrl+No: a new instance for a task
    • Super+`: show a hidden dock
  19. Can I use my Super key to open the app launcher?

    A1: Of course you can but you will need to add at your ~/.config/kwinrc file the following code:


    Then reload KWin with:

    qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin reconfigure

    A2: Alternatively you can run commands:

    kwriteconfig5 --file ~/.config/kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta "org.kde.lattedock,/Latte,org.kde.LatteDock,activateLauncherMenu"
    qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin reconfigure
  20. Latte v0.8 deactivates Borderless Maximized Windows from Active Window Control plasmoid, what can I do ?

    A: Latte v0.8 supports BorderLess Maximized Windows per layout simultaneously. In order for this to work it had to support that feature internally. You can try the following:

    • Disable BorderLess Maximized Windows from "Active Window Control"
    • Go to Latte Settings -> Layouts -> Choose tab (Preferences) and enable "Support borderless maximized windows in different layouts"
    • Return to your layouts and a new column called "Borderless" must have been added, add a check mark in that column for the layout you want that feature and click Apply
  21. OK now Latte can't launch. Is there any sample config to restore to?

    A: You have been told to take backups. Unfortunately unless you post your configuration to get help, little can be done now; just killall -9 latte-dock, delete your configuration and restart Latte in order to reconfigure it. A configuration exists here but it's most likely useless to you.

  22. Can I tweak things like Dock's distance from the screen's border?

    A: You can minimize the distance, but not directly tweak it. Go to Latte Setting -> Tweaks and select Shrink thickness margins

  23. Are there preloaded layouts for Latte v0.6?

    A: In Latte v0.7 the layouts have been added by default in Appearance page. For previous v0.6 the users can use Preloaded Layouts file, that contains four of the most used layouts (Default, Unity, Plasma, Favourite)

  24. Can I tweak a launcher's icon or its command parameters?

    A: You could set it up at your plasma environment and drag n' drop it onto your Latte dock

  25. Can I rearrange misplaced launchers and applets through the configuration files?

    A: If you misplaced a launcher (or a whole applet), open ~/.config/lattedock-appletsrc. Search your launcher and decide where you want to place it. Cut ;file:///usr/share/applications/myapp.desktop (yes, the semicolon too) and paste it after the launcher - and before its semicolon - you wish. Be very careful; Only the last launcher doesn't need a semicolon afterwards! So if you are copying your launcher between two others, you have to make sure that both before and after your launcher, a semicolon exists. Let's see an example; let's say you need to copy transmission-qt launcher:


    If what you want to reposition is a whole applet, rather than a launcher in an applet, you will find appletOrder very useful. Just note your applet's number and change the order in which applets are written in the previously mentioned option. Have I mentioned to keep a backup before you edit? I did now.

  26. What effects does Latte Dock provide? Can launchers rotate, shake or dim when clicked?

    A: Latte only has the zoom effect and the shadows, but we are very concerned about delivering an excellent user experience.

  27. How can someone shutdown any effect, so the icons do absolutely nothing when clicked?

    A: You can disable all animations through Latte Configuration Window -> Appearance -> Animations -> None

  28. Launchers are disappearing before the relevant window is shown even though they shouldn't.

    A: We know but this behavior is provided by plasma libtaskmanager. You can read more at: Latte Issue [72](kde bug report)

  29. I set Animations to "None", but when clicking on a launcher, its icon momentarily disappears.

    A: This bug is already fixed in current master and will be included in the next (0.6.0) release. So all you have to do is git pull the latest changes of master, or wait for the next stable version if you like so.

  30. Some applets in my dock are shown too small from Plasma 5.10 and beyond, can I fix this?

    A: In Plasma 5.10, the plasma developers decided that the applets in the panels should have a maximum size that they shouldn't overcome. You can change this at plasma System Settings -> Icons -> Advanced -> Panel -> and set a size of 256px.

  31. My left dock behaves strangely from Plasma 5.10 and beyond, can I fix this?

    A: In Plasma 5.10, the kwin developers introduced the gestures functionality for touch screens which is enabled by default for all systems. You can disable it through plasma System Settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Touchscreen. Relogin your plasma session if the change doesn't take effect immediately.

    kwin upstream: plasma upstream:

  32. So far so good, but Wayland is the future. What the plans are on this?

    A: We plan it for Plasma 5.10, but we are working from now on to offer experimental support

  33. When support for Wayland is provided, will Latte Dock remove its auto magical dependency of X11?

    A: It's still a long way off for Wayland to replace X11, but it's possible to build Latte without dependencies X11, however we are still working on supporting Wayland.

  34. As of writing this F.A.Q. , what is the problem with Qt5.8?

    A: If you are brave enough to mess with technical details, you may want to look here and here

  35. Is there a way to tell Latte Dock to launch only for a Plasma session ?

    A: Of course you can, please follow these steps:

    • Go to Plasma System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Autostart
    • Choose Latte Dock from applications list
    • Advanced
    • Autostart only in Plasma
  36. Is there any other hiccup or potential problem I should be careful of?

    A: Software as everything else in life, isn't perfect; we constantly try to make a better software and you can help us out with this by reporting every possible problem you may find. To answer the question though, there isn't a bug serious enough to prevent you from trying Latte Dock.

  37. Are there any hopes and wishes for features from the Plasma upstream?

    A: The most important feature needed from KWin in Wayland is the distros to provide access at kwayland's privileged APIs (and/or) for the users, a confirmation from them that Latte requests such APIs.

  38. How often new versions will be released and what are your plans?

    A: The first priority to release a stable version is for all the needed features to have been implemented and no major crashes to appear. So we try to keep the schedule but on the other hand it will be ready when it is ready.

  39. I am a complete newbie but I want to help you somehow. What can I do?

    A: As we write this F.A.Q. much help is needed to make Latte stable with multiscreen setups. You could clone the multiscreens branch and report back any issues. Also normal bug reports, reports about problems with specific Plasma or Qt versions, strange desktop behavior or even wishes about new features are all welcome :smile:

  40. I know how to program. What can I do?

    A: First step is to know what you are after and then to fork this repo; after that you can hunt bugs, add new features - or make more stable those already existing. Discuss your changes and if they are good and reasonable enough, we are more than happy for your pull request.

  41. How can I install from the current master branch ?

    A: You can easily, download and install from the last master branch by running a script with commands:

    git clone
    cd Latte-Dock
    sh The last command might ask for your root password, just before installing.
  42. How can I install from a specific branch ?

    A: If you wish to test some features that currently don't exist in master branch, you have to checkout the branch you wish to install. Let's say you need the multi2 branch:

    git clone
    cd Latte-Dock
    git pull
    git branch multi2
    git checkout multi2
    git pull origin multi2

    Compile as usual.

  43. I added the applet, but it is shown without a shadow like the rest of the icons

    A: Well, if an applet (or more) hasn't a shadow, you should double-check that option. All is set under Latte Settings -> Appearance.

  44. What happens if I drag 'n' drop files on launchers ?

    A: The file will be passed as a parameter to the specific application, creating a new instance (eg. passing an image to kolourpaint, will open the image with kolourpaint).

  45. Are there known compatibility issues, with some specific graphics driver ?

    A: If you have Intel Graphics and experience problems with the rendering e.g. pixelated graphics, corrupt text, etc, you can try changing the rendering method 2D from SNA to UXA.

    Section "Device"
       Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
       Driver      "intel"
       Option      "AccelMethod"  "uxa"
  46. My Dock doesn't show anymore when i activate the auto-hide or the dodge window feature

    A: Apparently some features from plasma can hinder the dock's ability to show itself when touching the screen border. Plasma 5.10 added the option to execute actions on swiping over a border on a touch screen. You can find this option in the system preferences under: Desktop behavior > Touch screen. If you have your dock on the same border, a touch gesture is activated, so the dock may not be able to show itself. Try deactivating the gesture on that border, then close and restart your session and check if the problem was fixed. (#676)


A docbook export is available for checking out.
~~A link to the file ~~
As I realized, it may not be needed to mess with DocBook, so a proper construction is more than enough.

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Great work! Some comments:

  1. There's some spelling issues [i am trying to be helpful **not** mean!].
  2. Are references to obsolete versions of Plasma & Qt much use any more?
  3. I found this interesting but disturbing for my own use-case:

I explicitly deliberately do not use LD as a TM, but only as a launcher dock.

Does that mean that my current LD...

...memory usage of 149 MiB is excessive?

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Actually, this is not my work, rather a simple reformatting of Latte wiki (copy/paste).
Any corrections are appreciated. Please quote exactly the errors and provide your corrected/better expressed version.
I can't do much about your issues with Latte here. If you start a topic, I can do some checks with my setup and try to provide helpful info.:wink:

I would never thought of that :rofl::rofl:

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and then hover over the specific applet

what are its dependencies? [don't worry, hyper uber mega tonnes of natively english-speaking denizens, raised from birth with english as their sole or primary language, have no comprehension at all about correct apostrophe usage. In this specific case, the apostrophe denotes contraction of the separate words it is, whereas the possessive pronoun case required here is simply its. My personal tip to remember this, ta heaps to my long-ago Year 5 primary school teacher, is to always say it (in my head) to myself in its expanded form, to evaluate then if it makes sense in that application (eg, the apostrophe would be correct for it's over there on the table)].

Each of those has a number [Each is singular & effectively has an invisible/unspoken one after it (eg each (one) of the litter **is** a tabby), hence necessitates a matching singular verb].

a number to distinguish one from



tweak every applet separately, you can change the appearance

to see for yourself



you need to go to plasma systemsettings



Can I tweak a launcher’s icon or its command parameters?






when clicking on a launcher its icon momentarily disappears

version if you like. [However this whole item is pointless, due to version obsolescence].



Behavior sadly is correct for north merkins, but wrong for UK, NZ, Oz [at least]... Behaviour.


I intuit that both instances of here are supposed to have links, but they're missing.

hiccup nowadays has common usage, but traditionalists might still prefer hiccough


Wayland is the distros [& of course i'm (sic) taking a liberty here, given distro/s is only geek-speak not common language].

easily download and install from

features currently not in master branch

you should double-check that option All is set under Latte Settings -> Appearance

Intel Graphics and experience problems with [i assume that was the intended meaning...?].

My Docks don’t show anymore
My Dock doesn't show anymore

If you have your dock on the same border at which a touch gesture is activated**,** the dock may not

Blooody [sic] hell, in future i (sic) shall bite my tongue - this took absobloodylutely ages [or, in SI units, mega-yonks]. Hoist with my own petard.


Ahah! So I always write this correctly and FF always corrects me wrongly!


Guilty! I'm currently using en_US.

please feel free to commit directly to...

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Hmmm, I'm trying out Latte Dock with the KDE version of Manjaro, and I've noticed that none of the favorite applications that I've defined in KDE are appearing in the dock. am I missing a widget that is supposed to be there or something?

The dock is filled "manually" (pinned) AFAIK. Does this work differently on standard Plasma launcher widget?

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Latte is a separate app so system favorites or apps pinned to the system panel aren't automatically added to latte. You just use latte INSTEAD of system panel/dock and you have to configure it to your needs.

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Thank you, I see now.

If you have a problem with Latte-Dock cpu demand, this advice from the Dev might help you:

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