Latte Dock is pretty awesome


This took me a long time to figure out, but Latte Dock is awesome, and a must-have for people looking for fancy panel setups in KDE, and its really lightweight! Only 138MB of RAM.


yeah, I actually replaced Plasma panel with Latte and I am also pretty happy with the results, love how you can actually have different layouts for different Activities....


You should see this setup:

Whenever you use the panel, it tints. Kinda cool.


Latte Dock is really awesome. It's not simply a dock, but a powerful alternative to plasma panel.


I tried that with top bar, but by background is too dark, so black icons from breeze-light blend with it. It would be superb if the dock inverted colors when panel background is hidden :slight_smile:

That feature, indeed, is already in the github version. You have to turn on "Improve contents visibility when panel is transparent"

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Does this run on DEs other than KDE?

Nope, it needs the entire plasma-desktop and kwindowsystem ...
Plank Dock does a good job too in other DE's

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Does latte-dock run on KDE Plasma on Wayland ?

I just removed my existing Plasma Panel and installed latte-dock and all's well, and it autostarts, although, it's not as awesome as your latte dock configuration, which looks great.

There was a tech preview for KDE Wayland in Aug 2017, but I don't know if it's fully released yet or not.

Latte lets you export and import custom layouts, too! Import this file from Latte settings:

Visible custom widgets are Redshift, Thermal Monitor, and Resources Monitor. The font for my clock is DS-Digital, my own little tribute to KDE 3 :heart:

Also, to plug this amazing program even more, the developer is super cool. Fixed a bug I found in 2 hours. :smiley:


ah k, now I see why it took you some time to "Doctor" it up. :wink:
nice work.


What I like about Latte dock is the different profiles. You can change them up depending on your workflow or mood.

Or activity, if you make use of that particular KDE feature. It's the dock we deserve.

Whilst Latte seems nicer than Plank & Docky, for my needs it pales into irrelevance compared to Cairo-Dock. In various fora i see much love expressed for Latte, & i believe its Dev truly deserves commendation for a sterling project... but i remain baffled why Latte seems preferred over CD.

Because it meshes well with KDE. My Latte docks look exactly like normal KDE panels, and I value consistency in design.


Sure, a strong aesthetic sensibility is important, agreed, but so is maximum configurability & functionality.

I agree, and Latte does that, it's the only dock that I know of that can be used as a normal panel, the way it uses KDE make usability almost infinite using KDE widgets + Latte configurations.
Of course, there is stuff that it still cannot do compared to cairo dock, but Cairo dock also lack features that Latte have. All ends with the needs of the user, if they need that feature that only Cairo has, they will use Cairo, the same goes to Latte


I require a dock to be able to stack launchers into folders, & subfolders. Once Latte can also do that, i'd happily change to it.

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