Latte Dock is pretty awesome

Yes it does. It's also my upper panel and dock, and I can run it in Plasma Wayland just fine.

Coincidentally, I tried the latte dock a week back. Liked the degree to which I can customize it. But, I had to uninstall it for two reasons -
(1) the lock/logout widget was non-functional. its possible to add this widget; but once added, it didnt do anything when clicked upon. Has anyone else faced this problem?
(2) only the application dashboard worked fine; when I tried adding the other menus (like the application launcher or simple menu) the dock crashed

In any case, do you guys think that the default plasma panel is less resource intense than enabling this dock?

I am working with Latte and the lock/logout widget without any issue. I cannot tell about the launcher... as I only use the application launcher.

Sometimes it crashes when you add things to it, but if you quit and restart it those items should be there.

A workaround that works for me: on settings window, click the top right icon, and then select add widgets option.

I've made this video with a short demo of my current Latte config. with two panels and Active Window Control on top panel. (Note: AWC is compiled from here:


@nadb & @pierrep56 - Thanks for mentioning! Let me attempt this one more time then...

You can now! If you have latte-git version you can enable tweak which makes font color switching based on how light or dark is the wallpaper.

So when you have light panel with dark fonts and turn on transparency and switch to dark wallpaper, fonts switch automatically to light ones.

Latte is awesome of the awesome! :smiley:

I am using latte from repos, I will wait for that for the next release, I am quite happy how it looks right now, but it will be a nice touch when released :slight_smile:

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Yeah, new features often don't work well, that is why I try them, submit bugs and pretty quick they are solved.
Latte developer is awesome: responsive, quick, orderly, patient and open to suggestions - that is why we are getting more and more incredible features. We say "it would be great to have X because Y" and he just adds it :D. Then we test them and... fixes are needed but soon it works great :smiley:

For example, I wanted to use semit transparency with solid color on maximized - it was added. I suggested it would be great if fonts would change colors based on wallpapers and it was added. I needed more flexible way to set size of icons - I got it, and so on. This is how awesome is to be part of open source community. We can be part of the development process even if we are IT-noobs ;).

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My one problem with Latte is that they don't release very often. I think the gap between version 6 and version 7 was something like 600+ commits. Releases should come much more often than that...

The rule is generally "Release small, release often".

I've found the -git version to be generally stable. Developer works hella fast at fixing stuff, too.

Maybe, but there are limits. Two or three months ago i asked if s/he would consider implementing THE feature which keeps me using Cairo-Dock; the capability for the user to stack launchers into folders. S/he said no; s/he's not interested in such a feature, so will not do it. Pity.

I quite like Latte, but I'll be honest, I refuse to call it "Latte Dock" and I instead call it "Latte Task Manager". But! It's a damn good one. Unfortunately it's incapable of an important feature of a dock... Showing only pinned apps, instead of any pinned plus opened windows.


You could use the Quick launch widget instead of the latte one.

...or Cairo-Dock [can be configured for pinned-only (= my preference) or pinned+open (yuk)].

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Does the Quick Launch widget indicate whether or not a pinned application has an open window?

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Does that answer your question? You can see opened windows and the one that is currently active. Also colors can show which ones are minimized.


Your desktop looks like one of the fake ones they make for movies and TV shows. What's your setup?


This is how customizable Plasma is. Who knows, maybe they use it sometimes to create those fake systems ;P?

My setup is:
theme: breath
colors: breeze-dark
icons: Dex KDE S
aurorae theme: Glass-Kv
interface look: kvantum-dark on KvGlass theme, properly tweaked and set
titlebar: window buttons on the left side, on the very left edge is the menu button that looks like application icon so I can access menu either on top or in titlebar directly; on the right side there are buttons "always on top" and "on all desktops",
latte in form of dock on the button, properly tweaked
latte as panel on the top, properly tweaked with system tray, clock, weather and on the left side with: Active Window Control widget for advanced global menus, window buttons and titlebar behavior.

I'm using this setup since few weeks and it's not only looking good but it's functional. It's very coherent and transparency with blur is enough to give cool effect but everything is easily readable.

Latte switches my font colors in top panel depending on the brightness of the wallpaper so with very bright one I get dark fonts so it's still visible despite dark theme with white fonts.
When maximizing windows, top panel becomes solid dark, titlebar is merging with top panel and window buttons show on the left side of the panel. So it works like on Unity.



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