Latte Dock is pretty awesome

UPDATE: AWC presented on the video below is obsolete and not developed anymore. Please, use:



Here is how it works:


Completely agree, drove me nuts when I tried it out, assuming there must be a setting to turn this off ... but there isn't one.

I really like the Plasma panel though, if only you could have separate panel configs per Activity.


Not quite. It needs to ONLY show pinned.

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Not sure what is the problem with not-pinned windows? How can this be useful? I need to manage windows somehow so I need to have pinned and not-pinned or at least I wouldn't want it otherwise. Unless you have window management moved somewhere else? It doesn't sound efficient thou.

I'm perfectly happy with how latte works. It have all I need and more. I used to use docky but latte is superior now, especially on Plasma. I liked Plasma before very much but now with latte and AWC I love it! I can have all configurations I can think of. Some DEs try to emulate such setups but the experience is very lacking. Plasma is better Unity then Unity, Plasma is better Gnome then Gnome and Plasma is better Windows then Windows :slight_smile:

Again, that would be not possible without latte! Great that it became part of KDE project.


Problem is some people don't want them on the dock, making the dock a defacto icon only task manager, which I personally dislike and don't use.

There are many different ways to manage windows, icons only task manager is but one, but is forced upon the user because latte dock doesn't allow it to be disabled.

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Still I don't get the point of having dock as only icon task manager. Launching icons are beneficial and usually they have to be somewhere, so dividing them from task manager seems to be unproductive and crying that latte don't have that feature is like wanting to have clunky, unproductive setup. On the other hand, force of habits is huge so in a way, people may prefer not optimal setups. In a way, mac-like setup that I prefer is not optimal for multi-window managing, but it optimizes screen real estate. For work where I need to have many windows opened (more then dozens, so quick overview becomes not a valid option) and quickly access them, windows-like setup seems to be more productive. That is why latte comes in play: I set different setups for activity: mac-like for home, casual use, window-like for work.

Upon consideration, I agree that latte should have option to have only un-pinned programs, although it may be non productive, people should have option to choose whatever they like but personally I don't need it - latte has all I need.


Because there will already be a panel with a task manager elsewhere. In this case, on the top. Still fully able to manage them. :blush: Latte is still pretty cool though.

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Still a weird concept for me. I like to have all in one place. I also like to maximize my screen real estate so even in windows mode I have invisible panel on the top where windows buttons and global menu appears when window is maximized.
Latte is a blessing because I don't have to pick a theme with fully transparent panel, I can choose whatever I like and then switch the color/background of the panel off.

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Fair enough, my panels are only 28px at maximum for any given environment, so it's not really taking any room.

Hello everyone!

fantastic thread that is and thanks everyone for the feedback!!

I think that based on the discussion there are two features missing from Latte in order for some users to switch to Latte. I have responded for them in Latte issues page but I think it would be good to discuss them here also

  1. Show only pinned launchers and no tasks at all.

A: Latte is using plasma libtaskmanager and as such this feature should be added to plasma codepage in order to be supported the way you imagine it. BUT if you dont care about the bouncing animation of the launchers then this can already be achieved differently.

  • Tweaks -> (Disable) Add launchers only to the corresponding area
  • Tweaks -> Remove Tasks Plasmoid (that removes the Latte plasmoid even when only one dock is present)
  • After the above steps just drag n' drop any launcher you want onto Latte. It will be added as applet
  1. The requirement about an applet to stack launchers into folders and subfolders

A: I never said that isnt a nice feature. What I replied was that I dont have the motivation to implement it myself. Latte supports almost all plasma applets so if a plasma applet appears that supports this then Latte will do whatever it can in order to work properly with it. There are efforts such as QuickLaunch and PopupLauncher (, they are not perfect but a community boost could help their developers to improve them...

Concerning Latte upcoming v0.8 release... The release is major, I know, there is a chance that is bigger than v0.6 -> v0.7 . So for v0.8 I will give the next two months into one small task "Improve small annoyances or inconsistencies". Latte v0.8 should give the feeling to the user that doesnt do something unexpected, it should feel natural... Many things have already been improved in master version for this e.g. when a dock changes screen or edge all windows are slide out and in with nice animations, the Layouts settings is more robust in each behavior etc...

that is all for me... :slight_smile:


P.S. When Latte Dock was named we wanted to name it just Latte. But searching through the internet with discovered this: and this
in the end we named it Latte Dock in order to distinguish it from other software... we definitely wanted to use the work Latte ...


Not quite. It needs to ONLY show pinned.

I reopened because I think I found a way to implement this feature in Latte without touching libtaskmanager. Can you please participate in there in order to indicate how this feature should work in general?


Absolutely! I'm happy to try and help out wherever possible.


noone is forced to click the Advanced button in the settings window.
If you prefer simplicity just stick with the basic options.


following this discussion... Have you considered to use FolderView plasmoid? I find it fantastic for this...

  1. Create a folder and drag n' drop any launcher (copy-paste) you want in there
  2. Drag n' drop that folder to Latte Dock
  3. Choose that you want a folderview

the result can be the following:


I just copied some Office launchers..
The tile on the top can be changed...
the icon on the Latte dock can be changed...


Wow, never thought of using this plasmoid that way. I found it useless and disturbing on desktop but on latte it really adds to the value. This is brilliant! Thanks!

I stopped following this thread for several weeks [or longer? / more like a few months], so i only very belatedly saw your post here. This [new-to-me] information was brilliant, & eliminates one of my major aversions to your dock.

I am very familiar with this widget as i already was using it in my secondary Plasma Panel [aka Application Menu Bar]. However i did not realise that we can use the Plasma Widgets in your dock, so now that you have educated me, i can happily tell you that... this eliminates the other of my major aversions to your dock.

Accordingly i have now cumulatively migrated, over the past few years, from no dock, to Docky [yuck] to Plank [yuck] to Cairo-Dock [excellent functionality & portability, albeit a bit crashy] to Application Menu Bar [excellent aesthetics & functionality, but super-crap portability] to KSmoothDock [modest aesthetics, mediocre functionality [& buggy], passable portability] & --over the past 36 hours-- now to Latte-Dock [excellent functionality, aesthetics & portability]. It now behaves just how i like... as a pure dock, without Task Manager [that function deliberately remains in my main Plasma Panel], with multiple separate launchers, & with multiple folders of other launchers [care of the widget].

It makes me now say that...

Latte Dock is pretty awesome

...teehee. Marvellous work Michail :kissing_heart:

That said, could i pls get your advice on these:

  1. LD appears on all my Activities regardless of my settings. At the moment that's not actually a problem for me, but i thought i read somewhere that it could let users apply it universally [all Activities] or otherwise discretely [per Activity]?

  2. None of my settings' buttons are visibly highlighted with my Oxygen theme & icons, so it's hard to impossible for me to see which buttons are active/selected. Mine looks very different to your picture at [but i like Oxygen & wish to retain it, not change to an alternative theme; it looks lovely elsewhere on the desktop, but apparently not so much with LD Settings]:


Thank you for your comments.

[1] - Latte is using layouts to achieve that result. You can access the Layouts Editor and for your layouts you can specify in which Activities to be shown. In v0.7.x Latte will identify in which Activity you are and will unload the layout you are working and load afterwards the one you have specify for that Activity. In upcoming v0.8.x the entire underlying infrastructure was changed. Latte in v0.8.x can load all layouts needed based on the running Activities and update that layouts accordingly. You watch this at:
v0.8 -
v0.7 -

[2] - The appearance you get for Oxygen theme is entirely of that themes responsibility. Latte respects plasma themes and doesnt change anything for them so I suppose you need another theme or an updated oxygen theme that would look as you would like it to look.

[3] - Concerning the feature "Show only tasks from launchers". In v0.8 this has been added in Latte taskmanager, you can enable it from Tasks configuration tab, tasks that dont have a launcher wont be shown in your taskmanager if you enable this. Of course be careful, first add some launchers and afterwards enable, otherwise you might be confused why you dont see anything in your Latte taskmanager :). The feature of course in togglable so you can enable/disable it runtime....


Cool. I am very late to this party i know, but your work here Michail is superb. You're a significant asset for the community.

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Latte adds so much to Plasma desktop usability and cutomizability that I differentiate Plasma experience as pre-latte and with latte. Before latte existed Plasma was very good, although a bit buggy before 5.8 and I could use it parallel to other DEs (like Gnome, i3, Deepin and others). Since latte showed up and global menus were back Plasma left competition so back behind that it's not even funny. All that stuff one can do with desktop now is just impossible in most other DEs or at least not to such extent and not so easily. When I tried to replicated my new favorite settings elsewhere it was only pain and limitations. Since then, I lost much of my interests in other DEs, deleted them and switched to Plasma full time. Whenever I now try other DEs in vbox, they feel so limited to me that I just can't take them into account for me. I got addicted to what latte and Plasma can do :smiley: .


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