Left side display corruption Pi4 minimal 19.12

The screen has a approx 1.5" column with a puprple line running down the screen that at the bottom seems to have some sort of page corruption.

Fresh install minimal that doesn't happen with Arch ArmV7

Any ideas anyone?

If this is a HDMI - display, then you could try out the HDMI - options in /boot/config.txt especially config_hdmi_boost. The options are explained here:


Need more info on your setup.

"Left side display corruption" Does this mean you have 2 monitors or one.
Are you using an HDMI cable
What monitor/monitors are you using and what are the resolutions

As mhartzel has stated it is probably an issue that can be fixed in config.txt. 32bit and 64 bit kernels are 2 different animals and some things may not be the same detecting your monitor.

Dunno swapped the hdmi port and all ok.
Strange though as new pi and 1st port worked well for 1st week...

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