Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15ARR manjaro installation

I bought this laptop recently and I wanted to install manjaro on it. This is first time ever that I am going install any OS on any machine and also if you visit the link you can see that it has little different specs than other laptops like it has AMD Ryzen 5 cpu. Please help me install manjaro on the machine. I will be using bootable usb stick with manjaro KDE.
I added newbie tag as I am a newbie in this so please give as detailed information as possible. Thank you!

You have chosen a hard candy. I have assisted my roomie to install Debian on a similiar machine, a 330S with Ryzen 3, but I bet it's the same base system. There, he had to add the "noapic" parameter in the grub kernel line at boot just to be able to install. Also, it is possible that you won't get Wifi working nor Touchpad.

So, if this is your first time installing any linux, I recommend you to read a lot about GNU/Linux, check manjaro wiki, read the install tutorials here and here, and see if you can boot a live desktop. I would also recommend to use one of the "testing" images which include a newer kernel than the stable images of Manjaro, you will need at least kernel 4.17 for these APU's to run without issue. I think the latest ones come with 4.19. Otherwise, you will need to use "Manjaro Architect", but it's a little too hardcore for newbies, maybe.
Once you get there, a couple options are possible: It boots or it doesn't. If it doesn't boot, try the instructions in the Arch Wiki I linked and try to add the "noapic" option just to see if the system boots. Then you can check if you can connect to internet by wifi, as it is the only method you get with that laptop. If you don't, things are going to get more tricky. We hope it does. Also, you will know if you can use the mousepad. This is easier as you may connect any mouse to at least be able to use your desktop. Once you have tried this, I would recommend to install only if you could boot and connect to wifi. Otherwise, get back with the issues you found, in order to be prepared for pottential issues. If you couldn't make your system to boot a live session, you might need to use Manjaro Architect. That involves knowing a little more about your system, but manjaro has prepared it so it is actually rather easy to do.

Hope you find installing manjaro interesting and as hassle-free as possible.

Hi, on Manjaro xfce, as by now (may/2019), when booting, it's needed to add the following parameter/command into grub.

noapic will boot but touchpad will not work.


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