libappindicator-gtk3 & noto-fonts-emoji dependencies needed for Discord (Manjaro Gnome)

Hey Manjaro team,

It took me ages to find out Discord needed "libappindicator-gtk3" for the tray icon to work. The default Manjaro Gnome install doesn't have it preinstalled, but its in the package manager.

Discord also needs "noto-fonts-emoji" (is also in the package manager) for some of the emoticons to work (emoticons in the channel names)

I'm not sure if these dependencies should be handled by the Arch package maintainer or by Manjaro, but it would be nice if it works out of the box, without finding out what dependencies are needed.

I'm sure there are a lot of Discord users on Manjaro, so this would help :wink:

Thanks Manjaro for this great distribution, and I love the community already :smiley:

Thanks, Razende

UPDATE: Looks like Manjaro Gnome 18.1.2 now comes with libappindicator-gtk3 pre-installed, so this is no longer an issue. The emoticons are still a problem though.

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