LibreOffice 6.0

Release Notes

See the new features in this vid:


Check out the video. I still think WPS is the best office alternative of MS office but Libre office dev finally got it. If you want people to shift from the most used piece of office software you don't through them dramatic change, you offer them a similar replacement.
LibreOffice 8 may become just that someday.


cool, I hope to see it arrive to unstable very soon

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It used to be. But the last version is quite dated now and though the File dialogue works in GNOME, I haven't been able to (yet) get it working in Plasma (new install). They're obviously not making any money from their Linux version, so the heck with us. Their forums are completely filled with Spam, so there is no help there.

It's put me off WPS Office entirely. :sad: :sad: :sad:

EDIT: LO 6 is currently in Arch Testing/Unstable.

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I too am really excited to try out LibreOffice 6! I eagerly await its arrival in Manjaro. :slight_smile:

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I got it working. In the aur comment secrion there are some fixes. It still works for me. I don't trust Chinese software anyway. But there nothing even close. Hope Libreoffice gets that message. New users will be MS office user and they can't compromise what they work on.

No, there are not any "fixes" posted in the AUR Comments regarding the Files dialogue running WPS in Plasma (other than it worked in Cinnamon?).

How did you get the Files (Open) dialogue to work in Plasma? :smiley:

Aha! Expand the "All Comments" and there are hints.

■■■■ me! :smiley:

EDIT2: It may work if I uninstall kdialog, except kdialog is required by kde-servicemenus-rootactions, which I am not going to uninstall.

So what did you do? :smiley:

EDIT3: Yup, I can confirm WPS Office works in Plasma if you remove kdialog which will also require you remove kde-servicemenus-rootactions, which is far too handy to forego (for myself). :wink:

EDIT4: The other method, opening with WPS_NO_KDE_NATIVE_DIALOG=1 /usr/bin/wps %f -style gtk (or gtk3) looks HORRIBLE in Plasma. Yuck! :smiley:

It looks good I can't wait to try it out

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Last time when I used wps office, it had problems with umlauts.
So it was nice to use for English texts, but better not for other languages.

There is another interesting office software called "SoftMaker Office", I should try it some time.

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In Arch Testing already

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I was kind of excited when I saw this, but it seems like mostly small improvements of existing features. Quality of life changes that one might expect from a minor version update but for a full new version it seems much hasnt changed. I am not saying it isnt good or that the new features/improvements do not matter, just not what I had in mind for the types of things a new version might bring.

Maybe once I use 6.0 my opinion would change.

Yes but there are times where minor changes can be better than major ones, its something the cinnamon desktop does well.
Small changes under the hood but ones that really help things.

Not mentioned in the vid, but which i still desperately hope one day soon will get fixed, is Calc's unintuitive / unhelpful [/bonkers?] method of moving one or more contiguous cells by mouse-dragging [not context menu]. Also i want Calc to provide a way to copy one or more cells to non-contiguous locations by mouse-dragging. I came to LO from MS Office 2010 a few years ago, via WPS Office, & whilst there's much to love about LO, there's some really poor design decisions as well. MS Office Excel's, & WPS Office Spreadsheets', way of doing it via simple cell-handle for moving, augmented with Ctrl key for copying, is IMO simply intuitive & productive.

As for Calc's stupid way of handling Comments...

WPS LOOKING very nice clone of MS but in reality from point of functionality its sucks.
IMHO for word processing use LO Writer, for spreadsheets use Gnumeric and for presentations use just Powerpoint (or android version of MS-PP or Web version).
I used LO Version 6 for a couple of days on Win10 and sadly seems that nothing improved from 5 to 6. All general bugs steel exists. In Calc still charts, statistics functions, and other stuff need more attention for development, Impress sorry but really is a joke how they couldnt add stop and play functions for embedded videos from 2011 bug still exist :frowning:

Didn't check it on linux, but at least on windows it was unusable for me.
After like 10-20 minutes, UI stops to... "show actions" and some of its text and buttons disappear.
Reverted to and it's perfect.

Just hit Arch stable, should be in Manjaro unstable next repo sync.


$ pacman -Si libreoffice-fresh
Repository      : extra
Name            : libreoffice-fresh
Version         : 6.0.0-1
Description     : LibreOffice branch which contains new features and program enhancements
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : LGPL3
Groups          : None
Provides        : libreoffice  libreoffice-en-US

goodbye 6 :wave:, and let's go to 7


Wouldn't it have made more sense to start a new thread than revive a 3 year old one?

That said I am very excited for LibreOffice 7.0. I'm downloading it through the AUR right now, hopefully it won't take too long to make it into the official repositories.

Edit: LibreOffice 7.0 is not working for me, Writer crashes instantly upon opening (the terminal gives no error message) weirdly Calc works normally. I suppose there are good reasons to wait for things to get into the official repos.

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