LibreOffice Calc icon disappearing from Gnome Dash to dock

Hello there,

I am having this annoying issue with Gnome Dash to dock and LibreOffice Calc. With zero Calc instances running, when I open (by double clicking a file from Gnome Files) a Calc associated file that prompts a dialog window, like a CSV file for example (or the recovery process), then when I confirm the dialog window and the file opens, Calc icon disappears from the dock.

Can someone confirm this? Just save a simple CSV file, close all Calc instances, then try to open it again.

  1. When I open Calc from the applications menu first, then open the file, it works fine.
  2. When I toggle "show running applications" off and then back on, in the Dash to dock settings, it shows up.
  3. When I pin Calc to my favourites, which I don't necessarily want to do, it works fine.

I am not really sure if this worked before upgrading to Gnome 3.34.1, I believe it did. This is nothing serious of course, I just wanted to confirm if its just me or not.

Weirdly enough, it seems to depend on the file size, as for files ~< 600 kB icon just disappears, for files ~< 1.7 MB icon disappears with an erratic opening animation and for files >~ 1.7 MB the icon stays in dock (with an erratic opening animation).

How (where) would I submit a bug report if this turns out to affect mutiple users, please?

Here are my bookmarked specs.

Anyway, have great day and thank you for any input on this.

Edit: Typos, added more information.

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