Light themes fails to provide contrast for icons in KDE Plasma

I've having problem with light themes as they fail to make contrast for icons in buttons with background . Here are some example Breath and Breath-Dark. I think it may cause bad UX among new users and it is inconvenient for some people (like me) to use dark theme.
Even it is present in default themes. Any tweak ?

KolourPaint (I first thought this package is broken)
Screenshot_20200526_214131 Screenshot_20200526_214245

User manager
Screenshot_20200526_214200 Screenshot_20200526_214402

Display orientetion options
Screenshot_20200526_214104 Screenshot_20200526_214348

Light themes need corresponding "Light" icon themes alongside them, or else you might have bad contrast in certain situations
For example, when using Breeze "light" you need to change your icon theme to "normal" breeze from breeze-dark, too.


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