Lightdm failed to start

I'm new in the forum, so sorry if i do something wrong in this post.
I need help whit lightdm,

This afternoon i update the system (I use manjaro deepin),
but when restart the system is block at the startup loading and a message that claim the fail of lightdm appear.
Now i start gdm and go in using KDE.
But I want to restart deepin desktop.
How I can do that? how can fix lightdm?

Thank you!

The only thing you forgot to do was search for your problem before writing... :wink:

Thank you for answer,
but, unfortunately, I saw that post.
I followed the steps, but in my lightdm.config I have the 'greeter-session' value set to lightdm-deepin-greeter,
but still doesn't work.

I follow this step for deepin installation, reinstall all of the component it says, and seems to work!
after disabling gdm and enabling lightdm i reboot and deepin come out!

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Sounds like you broke deepin dependencies...

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