linux-amd kernel

Big Dell box here that was giving me fits for months.
Then Mr. Torvalds seems to have discovered AMD and has been rolling out amd-specific kernels.
It's in the repos, called


They've been updating every day or so, sometimes twice.


Never had any computer running this smoothly before.

Thank you thank you thank you

That isn't in the repos. It is in AUR.

It is also a kernel intended for Arch so be aware it won't work with the Manjaro kernel management tool(mhwd-kernel). You also can't use any of the Manjaro kernel modules with it.

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I think you're a little unclear on how Manjaro and the AUR works. You should really do some research on the differences Dalto is speaking of.

You should also be doing backups if you are making major changes to your system without knowing the implications.

I'm glad you've found something that has improved your system's performance. However, if you don't start doing a little more research before you start experimenting with major system changes you could easily implode your whole install. Hence, the importance of backups in case you break things in a major way.



'nuff said.

I looked into that kernel and adapted its settings when I was playing around with AMD specific compiler options:

But it does not make a difference. If there are any performance benefits I was not able find them.

Just because it is called the arch user repository doesn't make it part of the repos. The term repos in Manjaro refers to the Manjaro repos, not any repository in existence.

That being said, I wasn't pointing it out because of the semantic distinction. I was pointing it out because it is important to understand the difference between installing one of the official kernels from the repos and installing an unofficial kernel made for a different Linux distribution.


For someone who's visited the forum 10 days and viewed a whopping 13 topics you sure presume you are well informed about the distro.

Perchance the long time users and mods who have read tens of thousands of posts on the forum may possibly have a better idea of the workings of Manjaro. Maybe a little less attitude, and a little more gratitude would go a ways towards fitting in as a new member when learning the ropes on a new distro.


are the only kernels
which can work with my ryzen5 3400g

without glitches and freezes.

so it the best kernel for me

My laptop for daily work has a ryzen5 2500U cpu.

I have tried the linux-amd and linux-amd-raven kernels from AUR before. None of them could make laptop hibernated correctly. After tried many times, finally I found the linux419 from manjaro works fine after the sublevel 108. Of cause, it's also need some parameters setting in boot managers.

The only problem for this kernel is the lacking of some newly released hardwares, such as the Intel AX200 wifi card. Manjaro doesn't provide driver-patches officially, so the users have to learn how to write a dkms script first if they has the new hardwares :slight_smile:

Did you try the stock Manjaro 5.7 kernel out of curiosity?

well i try stock arch and zen kernel
they are installed
but everytime i boot any kernel other than amd kernel

i get glitches and tearing

its also possible that
my mobo + cpu is mismatched

What a shame. Almost a year after launch and not even AMD's CPUs work properly with the stock kernel. Oh well. At least there's a kernel that does work, so a better situation than Navi

i use b350 mobo

and use 3400g cpu

but 3400g is to be used with 450 mobo atleast

so my case is a rare

I wouldn't be surprised if that's not the reason to be honest. I've lost all respect for AMD's drivers (especially when a GPU is involved)

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