Linux at a new "high" usage

Garner at The Linux Gamer just posted this on (will be uploaded to YouTube soon enough), and Linux users are up to 3.6% market share on computers. This makes me happy even if the most popular distro is Ubuntu.
It is not that long ago when Linux had 3.17% market share, so this (might) be a very significant bump for Linux.
I, at least, am happy for these news.

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I would be great if it were true, but I'm going to have to press X to doubt. About a month ago, Lunduke made a good argument that this increase in desktop market share is an error in measurement:

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I'd cheer at new like this (if they were true) a few years ago (I'm relatively new to Linux, but have always enjoyed reading about it).

But I've come to realize that desktop market share is of almost no importance. Linux will always be here, it is too great and the market share is too huge on the server side for it to go into complete obscurity.

And it will always be ''desktop ready''. The point is that as a user I wasn't ''Linux ready''. I had brief run ins every fifth year or so since the year 2000, but all these efforts stranded on stuff like not being able to set screen resolution, hehe, it was just too alien.

But once you become ''Linux ready'', which is just a mental state, you're in for all the awesomeness, and boy it is a massive surprise!

As long as Linux functions like this, I have zero worries and don't give a second thought to desktop market share. It will always be here and receive active ''desktop'' development (as opposed to the business/server side of things), that's the important thing. The position now, with low market share and status as a more ''advanced'' OS might even be an advantage. It draws the best of those who are able to contribute to its development.


I couldn't care less.

Honestly, who cares about Linux market share? This is a very welcome topic for bloggers and youtubers to generate clicks but nothing else.


Linux is the Jazz of the desktop Operative Systems. I will always thrive outside of the mainstream, and attract performers who strive for exploration of possibilities and for excellence. And it will always attract a Hipster audience. And like jazz it is here to stay, for those very same reasons.


The day all the gamers from the Windoze world migrate to Linux is the day Linux will have no advantages left for desktop use. At that point all those new ex-Windoze users will import all their terrible Windoze habits and Linux will be full of nothing but malware, virii, and crapware.

Let's all pray we never reach that point in Linux. Linux is still technically just difficult enough to use to keep most of these virus spreaders out of the Linux ecosphere. The minute Linux actually becomes simple enough for the average Windoze simpleton to use is the day Linux becomes as unappealing as Windoze.

At this point say hello to requiring a real time virus scanner. This will also trigger the demise of most good open source Linux apps. Most will be displaced by Windoze style adware, spyware, and crapware. Why then would you want to use Linux if it has most of the negative aspects of Windoze.

Careful what you ask for!!!


It sounds harsh and elitist, but it is kinda hard to argue that this isn't ultimately the truth, as the state of things are at present.

Like the Ubuntu bashing trope. You often tire of seeing it, and you'd think it is just for pimpled teenager Linux hipsters with a newfound tribal linux identity, but it is equally hard to argue that it isn't ultimately the truth, and that it is enough to look at Ubuntu to see where things are going it we get what we ask for.


That's an excellent point. New users bring their habits with them. Perhaps the "year of Linux desktop" is not such a great thing to look forward to.

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I'm not that worried about. The main user of windows picks up a PC/Laptop with a preinstalled windows. They use windows because it's preinstalled and ready to use and these users expecting this. I'm more worried that Microsofts use of Linux under the hood will harm the linux-world a way more and to the other hand the use of flatpacks and snaps that get more and more popular.

I thought this mindset had died out, clearly not. It's a tool, not a religion. Your post reeks of paranoia and a fundamental misunderstanding of how computing works. If you base your use of a platform on how "appealing" it is to the average user, not to mention that being unable to spell Windows without berating it with a "z" is doing very little for bolstering your argument, you're going to be constantly unhappy and shifting to "the next best thing".

Linux isn't for the elite, it's a tool, a way of getting things done, it's used by people across all facets of society, young, aged, able, disabled, disadvantaged, the impaired, and those who think it's some magical fortress to keep the peasants out. Your way of thinking genuinely makes me sad.

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When that day comes, we'll have already migrated to whatever replaces Linux, so why should we care? :smiley:

P.S. Plus, I'll have long been in my grave by then. :wink:


Linux usage at new levels of high is not recommended to get stuff done. Lots of other reasons to recommend that, but not to actually get things done that is.


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