linux-ck not loading nvidia proprietary driver

Hi all,

I am trying to boot into my desktop with linux-ck kernel, but xorg fails to load complaining about missing nvidia drivers.

I have compiled nvidia drivers via pacman and I see them being compiled for linux-ck kernel, but they aren't loaded. What gives?

TL;DR: $ yay -S linux-ck && yay -S extra/nvidia-440xx-utils extra/linux57-nvidia-440xx
xorg doesn't load

Manjaro supports only it's own Kernels. If you choose to use something else you are on your own.

pacman can't compile anything. You installed with yay prebuild nvidia modules for the Manjaro 5.7 Kernel. These Modules work only with the Manjaro 5.7 Kernel. Not with any other Kernel.

You have to compile the nvidia modules matching your own Kernel (linux-ck) and your nvidia-utils packages.

If you don't know how to do it, stay away form third party Kernels. Or buy a AMD Card.

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