'linux-firmware 20190514.711d329-1' update prevents my system booting.

After two hours of update and restore I narrow it down to this package. 'linux-firmware 20190514.711d329-1'
When I install that package the screen is just black after restart.

Here's my specs:
Ryzen 5 2600
Vega 64
kernel: 4.19.45-1

everything is up-to-date except for that package

Having the same problem with a similar system (Ryzen 1700 / Vega 56). Booting Kernel 4.14 at least allowed me to launch Ctrl+Alt+F2 terminal but I couldn't fix it so far.

@an00bis try downgrading the firmware:

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/name-of-previous-pkg
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Thanks @xircon, downgrading to 201904 works.


unless you need to stay on 4.19, taking the new firmware and using kernel 5.0 will work. the bug only seems to affect 4.19.



Discussion also here

Topic title changed, nothing was 'broken' your hardware will still work

Lol I though it was clear that by "broken my system" he meant the software part (i.e. the OS), not that his GPU suddenly caught on fire.

@dyxzee An update for linux-firmware trying to adress the issue got released on Stable. If you can try to use Linux 4.19 with linux-firmware 20190514.711d329-1.1 and tell us if it works correctly or not, it would be appreciated.


well saying an update broke a system is as bad as saying it :brick:d it :wink:

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just in case I've downgraded right now, please reply when the situation has been resolved

As I said above:

(OT: Nice Speedwagon pic btw.)

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please read before posting. I won't reply as I won't know since I didn't have the issue

I had this issue and can confirm that it's been fixed in linux-firmware 20190514.711d329-1.1

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