linux-pds package from AUR won't build

As the title says. It gets stuck on 33. Native optimizations autodetected by GCC.
I'm not entirely sure on what to do (I'm using pamac to install it), but maybe doing it from the CLI will help?

Also, how do I delete packages that were building but did not finish building? Is there a command I can use in the terminal or do they just get deleted automatically? I'd prefer not having unbuilt/incomplete packages on my PC.

Thanks :slight_smile:

pamac clean -ubv


$ pamac clean --help
Clean packages cache or build files

pamac clean [options]

  --keep, -k <number> : specify how many versions of each package are kept in the cache
  --uninstalled, -u   : only target uninstalled packages
  --build-files, -b   : remove all build files, the build directory is the one specified
                        in pamac.conf
  --dry-run, -d       : do not remove files, only find candidate packages
  --verbose, -v       : also display all files names
  --no-confirm        : bypass any and all confirmation messages

Thanks a lot, @Yochanan :slight_smile:

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