[Live Wallpaper / Animation ] Is it possible without Komorebi

Hello there everyone ! I have a few wallpapers that i would like to use as well wallpapers but they are animated and last from about 20secs to 2 mins and then repeat . Is there a easy way to do such a thing or is it only possible trough Komorebi app ?

Best regards and thanks in advance!

use xwinwrap and mpv player for a very minimal and good result.

xinwrap -ni -fdt -fs -s -un -st -sp -b -nf -- mpv --no-border -profile wallpaper -wid WID /home/anuj/Downloads/Phoenix Wallpaper.mp4

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Not a bad option but not what im looking for really ! Its a good alternative tho!

Go to Desktop Settings, look for button "Download new plugin" (or similar in your language), add some animated wallpaper plugins like Animated Image Wallpaper or Video Wallpaper, or Animated Video Wallpaper, etc.

I haven't tried them yet, so I'm not sure how good they are (or how bad), but there are some options.

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This one is perfect ! There are options for optimising too so its not as bad as i tought it would be , thanks a lot !

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