Live Wallpaper on Manjaro Plasma

I have been playing around with the live wallpaper plugin for KDE 5 and made a little video around it (less than a minute). Enjoy :slight_smile:


That's one awesome wallpaper! :open_mouth: Also I really liked the music featured in your video, I've never heard of Iratus Lord of the Dead but I'm enjoying the soundtrack now. Anyway I think this is a really good showcase of how cool live wallpapers can be :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Iratus Lord of the Dead music is from the game on Steam. :slight_smile:

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What sorcery is this? How can a wallpaper move? Is that possible only in KDE?

think XFCE etc.. can use Komorebi.

I get lower quality on my hardware... I sometimes like it rainy on the main activity.

The video are not set to public display.

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Maybe fixed now... I see the thumbnail here.
Strange how clumbsy you get when you're recording...

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Works now! I find it calmy (is that a word?) with that rain. Nice!

ROFL - calming is :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything's backwards - usually I'd put the rain on my Music activity and minimise guayadeque, my regular desktop is generally a big flower now.

I wish I could limit Variety to work only on my Main activity screen. KDE is slightly tricky sometimes.

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This is the video for that wallpaper.


I remade the samurai video. Now that I have better time to polish it.

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