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I just installed Manjaro with OpenRC and i3 window manager. I want my screen to lock whenever I suspend. in ~30% of cases the screen doesn't lock. And in some cases my computer wakes up from suspend, then it is unlocked for a few seconds before it locks. This seems like a huge security problem. I also got the problem that my screen locks after 10 minutes of inactivity and I cannot figure out how to turn that off, I guess I kill two birds with one stone here.

I wanted to solve this problem and everywhere I read about dm-utils which apparently offers scripts which I could edit. So I guessed I could just edit these scripts and lock before suspend. (so far the plan) Turns out I do not have dm-utils and I can also not install it because it conflicts with elogind. I couldn't find any info how or if I could do something similar with elogind. I am really confused because the OpenRC wiki page of manjaro says "To suspend and hibernate via the command line, pm-utils can be installed." Also the gentoo wiki says "elogind is the systemd project's logind", but this isn't systemd.

I would like my screen to lock when I suspend. Does anybody have any ideas?

Openrc uses "elogind" which in turn uses "loginctl" to see all commands for this use

loginctl -h

in a terminal

Just checked

loginctl lock-session


Yes thanks that works. But this doesn't solve my problem that my screen sometimes doesn't lock when I suspend.

Why not combine the two commands in a shortcut or harder add lock-session to the suspend command?

I now moved to KDE.

But when I was using XFCE, I ended up putting in my .xsession:

xautolock -time 5 -locker "xlock -nolock -mousemotion -mode bouboule -size 50"&

you can try by removing -nolock:

xautolock -time 5 -locker "xlock -mousemotion -mode bouboule -size 50"&

obvisouly you have to install those 2 suckless proggies: xlockmore xautolock

KDE or Maté are perfect in that matter out of the box.

Yes, but this is exactly my question. Where are these scripts. I can only find information about pm-utils but I cannot install pm-utils.

I am not using XFCE I am using i3.

You can't use pm-utils in openrc!

loginctl lock-session && loginctl suspend


packages xlockmore & xautolock can be installed with pacman - not in AUR.

it is alternate screensaver (quite nice). It should work with any DE.

OK good to know. But are you sure about this because here it clearly says install it: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=OpenRC,_an_alternative_to_systemd#Suspend.2FHibernate

Anyways, I am still looking where I could insert this. Yes you can suspend and lock from terminal with this command. But it doesn't work like this, for example, when I close my notebook. I would just like to know what gets executed when I click suspend or when I close my laptop.

This as a script

loginctl lock-session && loginctl suspend

Make it executable point a menu entry to it
hit this before you close the lid
If closing the lid suspends any way you only need the first pat of the script

In case you are serious and not just trolling: I do not want to execute anything. I just want to fix "suspend".

The page you linked said that plymouth can't be used with openrc.
Maybe pm-utils can be used, but pm-utils is largely deprecated.

I understand that you want your minimalist desktop using a refusenik init system to operate just like the big boys. But you are going to have to do some digging on this because it is no longer mainstream knowledge.

A system should never awake from suspend by itself, and if it does it usually is an indication that some hardware wake feature (wake-on-mouse, wake-on-lan, etc) is still enabled and operational. (Check your bios).
Some systems also have wake-on-battery capability to tell the system to wake up and hibernate - called emergency-hibernate, when the battery gets too low.

Ok, pretty lame response. He was trying to be helpful.

Suspend (closing the lid) DOES EXECUTE SOMETHING. It executes a task that initiates suspend to ram, which essentially turns off almost everything except ram refresh cycles. It is always software controlled.

The lid closure is just a switch that the OS senses.

@robinw0800 was suggesting you create that script and wire it in where ever lid close is detected. This is all managed by text files somewhere in your system, probably in /etc . Differs slightly by DE.

The system does not wake up on itself. I wake it up. That's not the issue. The issue is that I wake the system up but the screen is not locked. (or does only lock shortly after)

Also I do not need all that functionality. I just want my system to properly suspend.

Yes! My question is: what exactly happens when I suspend. If I knew this I could debug the problem.

Start reading here

It covers a bunch of the things you have mentioned.

That link is "systemd" and his problem is "openrc" not sure in this case it is much use

Interesting analogy. For the record, refusenik didn't originally mean those who refuse to go along.

The original usage referred to those who are refused, denied their freedom of mobility by a dictatorial (and dare I say Red) authority.

</ semantics>

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Thanks, but nope no help. Already read that. I am using OpenRC and I am seriously thinking about switching to systemd because of that problem.

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