Logging in takes two wake-ups ?!

After waking up my laptop from sleep, I'm greeted with the log-in screen as it ought to be. If I'm quick enough, I manage to type in my password and even unlock my system... but either way, the system just goes blank within 3 to 5 seconds.

Hitting any key wakes it up again - this time I can hear my cd drive making some noise and I can actually start using the system without logging in a second time... or if I haven't managed that moments ago now I can type in my password without the system falling into sleep while doing that.

Upon booting login works as it should.

I'm sorry but this is really weird and confusing.

Apparently the lockscreen doesn't get "activated" upon the laptop being sent to sleep, nor does it kick in if I click on the lock icon. Instead I'm just blocked from interacting with my applications, except for the launcher icons on the right, which readily yield with showing their names, upon hovering over them. If I now send my laptop to sleep, I do wake up to a functioning login screen.

If on the other hand, I send the laptop to sleep without manually "locking" it first, I have to send it to sleep once more, in order to be able to log in, because otherwise I'm stuck with only interacting with the launch buttons as described above.

I know this contradicts what I wrote in the first post, but apparently there is something out of sync. Just an hour ago I was cut off typing my password into the login screen with the laptop falling back into sleep, this doesn't happen anymore.

There's something wrong with gdm or sleep wake signaling somehow.

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