Login Broken After Wake From Suspend

Hi, brand new to Manajaro and forum. First, I just want to compliment you on a very impressive system. This is my first experience both with Manjaro and with KDE, and I am really blown away by both. Everything works fine, except twice now, after suspending, I have had a problem with login screen. I get a message saying that login is broken and can't be fixed. The first time, I ran the suggested commands and was able to login. I then did and update, and everything was fine for 24 hours. Today I did another update, and afterward I had the same problem on waking from suspend. Same message, and I again successfully logged-in by following the commands (Ctl+Alt+F2 etc).

How should I deal with this? Should I just not suspend, just shutdown instead? Or is there a fix?



Edit: Can consider solved as I reinstalled using Nouveau drivers only and that has stabilized my system.

Edit 2: Status update. I was getting some graphical instability with the Nouveau drivers, so I took the chance of installing Nvidia's. I uninstalled Nouveau afterwards. This seems to have corrected it. I also did latest update, and all seems well. System suspending and waking up normally. Will continue to evaluate.

Does this happen every time you suspend?

And it would help to know what "suggested commands" you used to recover. "Ctl+Alt+F2 etc" isn't much to go on.

The command was to use the virtual terminal, logging in with name and password, then do Ctr + Alt + F2. Then run command: "loginctl unlock-sessions". Followed by Ctr + Alt + F1. That got me back in , but the second time I could not shut down, had to do a forced shutdown. It restarted fine. On it now, will do a suspend and see what happens.

Addendum: Just suspended by using Start menu/Leave/Shutdown/Suspend. It came back fine. I usually hit the sleep button to suspend. I don't know why that would have anything to do with it. I'll see how it goes.

Addendum 2: Continuing to wake normally after suspend, again using start menu. I'll try the sleep key on keyboard now and see what happens.

I have worse trouble now, can't boot in at all. Tried following a tutorial where you mount system from terminal, open another terminal and change video drivers, but no luck. (I had experimented with drivers and thought that was the problem). I was going to restore from system image I made a few days ago, but for some reason Clonezilla could not find the image. I had renamed it; possibly that's the reason. If I can't do a restore I will probably have to reinstall.

My question at this point is, should I install to the "good" drive, on the theory that the other drive (the "caution" drive") might be a factor here? (Good and Caution refer to ratings of drives by Crystal Disk). Both drives are HDD's.

I'm not sure I understand 'good drive' part, but if you suspect one of the drives has bad sectors, yes, use another one. Hibernate can sometimes be a problem, while suspend should work OK.

Since you are thinking to reinstall and you have nothing to lose (but time), if you don't mind wasting some time, this would be a good opportunity for some learning, how to chroot and access your system from "outside" from live manjaro usb/dvd media and install/remove drivers... if so, check out this link: (in your case option 3 would apply: :manjaro-chroot - auto")

Thanks, I'll try your link, AlManja. I had found another one from searching on the forum, and I did successfully do the chroot thing and mounted the Manjaro partition, but I think I did not use correct command for changing drivers.

By "good" and Caution" I mean Crystal Disk's rating of the drives based on bad sectors. I try to put my best distros on the Good one, and a light one on the Caution or Bad one. I don't keep the bad one in the computer, but it does continue to work fine when I do. I have Linux Lite on that one, also Windows (which is probably why it's bad). I had LXLE on the Caution one, but replaced it with Manjaro. Not sure exactly what I'll do now, except I'll try to put heavier or favorite distros on the good drive, and a light one on the bad. Zorin Lite works best on this computer, but it's one of my favs so I think I'll keep it on the good drive. (Yes I'm a distro hopper, I get bored easily).

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I'm back on Mamjaro after successfully performing a system restore from image. Renaming the image back to its original name allowed Clonezilla to find it. Lesson: not a good idea to rename your images.

I did fool around with AlManja's tutorials, specifically the "manjaro-chroot -a" one. I got the partition mounted, used terminal and tried to update system. It said there was nothing to do, probably because I had just done an update prior to the system breaking. I left it at that and then found I was able to do the restore from image, so now I'm back somewhere before the point where the problem happened.

One possibility is drivers. A question: the driver utility lists both the Nvidia and Nouveau as being installed, with Nvidia at the top. During installation, I opted for the Nvidia drivers, figuring that with KDE I would need those. I use Nouveau for lighter systems with no problems (I'm not a gamer). My question is, with both being installed, which one is being used?

If not drivers, it could have been the update I did that caused the problem. Not sure what to do about that; all operating systems seem to be plagued with update problems. Learn as you go, I guess.

Addendum: the other issue is the suspend function. That was also giving me problems. For now, I've decided to reset suspend settings to default, which=screen off after 10 minutes and no auto suspend. I'm not sure at this point whether to use suspend manually, or just shut down. I switch between two computers a lot. (The other is for music).

I see that I was unclear as to the commands I used above to log back in after Screen Lock was broken. Here is exactly what I did: Access Virtual Terminal: Ctl+Alt+F2. Then run command: "loginctl unlock-sessions". Then Ctl+Alt+F1. Sorry!

@mdiemer did u figure out the problem
I m facing the same issue

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