Login in send me back to the login screen

HI, I just updated Manjaro Deepin and after a while I decided to reboot and since then each time I login it send me back to the login screen, I can't access the console environment with ctrl+alt+F1 this is the first time this is happening to me and I really don't know what to do now...

I would love some help.

(I've searched around but I didn't seem to have found an issue like it.)

Can you supply a bit more info, like video card, drivers, hardware, dm etc.

I have; GPU: Radeon HD 6670 using proprietary driver, CPU: AMD Phenom X3 8450 RAM: 6GB; I forgot to mention that its also a fresh install....

I believe it is a known problem with the tty and non-free drivers.

Chroot into your system and swap to the free driver.

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it didn't open a new terminal at all... nothing is happening after I did "sudo mhwd-chroot /mnt" its just there... doing nothing

So which partition did you install to?

I use the right partion for it, where its installed; /dev/sdb1

so you should be chrooted in then

ls -la /home

should show your user's home

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I swapped to the free driver and its broke the booting, so I reinstalled it with the free driver and that failed too, boot failed midway each time I tried to boot in.

can you get into a tty? Am working a late shift today, so am not around till late 2300 uk time.

if you can - check:

journalctl -b

for errors.



Which display manager are you using and which desktop? Can you check the checksum of the iso downloaded?

I was able to fix it with a reinstall using proprietary driver again and I carefully redid the update with care to make sure everything worked out fine this time. Thanks for you help still.

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