Login issue on Deepin

Anyone know how to solve login issue ? I am new to Linux and don't know much about terminal commands and i have important information in my laptop .

The old manjaro-deepin-settings is blocking you from getting the latest schemas.

press ctrl+alt+f3 to get a TTY, login and then run:

sudo pacman -R manjaro-deepin-settings
sudo pacman -Syyu deepin-desktop-schemas
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Thanks a lot that solve the problem

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Thanks, that helped for me too. However, after update the desktop is not right-clickable. Is it intended? How do I change wallpaper then? Or maybe something is wrong?

You need to install deepin-kwin

You are probably still using the old deepin-wm which is no longer supported in DDE 20.

Oh, yeah. I installed kwin-deepin now, rebooted and as expected, it doesn't work yet, I have no wallpaper now. How to I enable it? I don't remember it by heart. I tried to find it but it's super difficult and I get only obsolete info :frowning:.

Once deepin-kwin is installed, you should be able to right-click on the desktop and select "Wallpaper and screensaver"

Nope, the desktop is black, not right clickable. When I tried:

kwin_x11 --replace

I got a bunch of errors in terminal.

To not pollute this topic any further, I started a new one:

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