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As I've discussed (completely newbiely) previously here:

and here:

, I am experiencing various little problems since I've fresh installed Manjaro. A fresh, official and up to date image provided by Manjaro required 5GB updates after installation and I've experienced several minor bugs and glitches during the process.

One I couldn't fix, researching, since than, is at the log in screen (there is a proper name for that splash screen, which I can't remember right now).

It happens that I can't click anywhere on that screen. No buttons respond. When I pass the cursor by, the icons highlight, but no interaction. For me it looks like the second topic I've made (the second one on this very topic) for those problems.

What can I do? Many thanks guys!

Are you by any chance using a touchpad instead of a mouse and trying to use tap-to-click? It has to be enabled explictly for Xorg to work on the login screen.
Try using hardware buttons.

For a software solution see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Libinput#Via_Xorg_configuration_file and Option "Tapping".

This might be the case. How to do so?

I forgot to mention I'm using KDE, so it might me configurable on system settings. Do you know how so?
Also, I was able to use touchpad onto the login screen before updated. Seems it also de-configured

Please read the link provided and follow the instructions there (creating a configfile with the mentioned option).

Yes KDE has an option to set this, but it does only have an effect after logging in.

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