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Hello everyone,
today I turned off my notebook with Manjaro KDE. Later I tried to turn it on and when the login screen came I entered the password as always. After having pressed Enter to login, nothing happened, but the cursore is still working, even if nothing is clickable.
I tried to restart the pc, to use different desktops (I normally use Plasma, which is the one that is giving me problems). If I login with Gnome, I can login but not all my programs are shown and present.
If I press Ctrl-Alt-F2 I can enter in the TTY and login, but when I enter the most commands are not found, like sudo, Pacman and so on. I also waited 10 minutes after having pressed Enter in the graphic login, but it is freezed and nothing seems to happen.

Glad if you could help me,
Thanks in advance everybody!

Hello, d_red and welcome of this forum,
Now, is exist a new version for the Plasma, that is the 5.19.1. I think to try install a new and you maybe will get the good version. GuY.

I am stuck in the login screen, without any possibilities to enter in my desktop. Even sudo and Pacman commands are not found

The past tense of "freeze" is "froze". The past participle is "frozen".

From the TTY can you type:

ls -l /bin/sudo
ls -l /bin/pacman

It is very odd that both pacman and sudo would be missing.

What is the output of the following commands:

inxi -G
mhwd -li

I reinstalled Manjaro and got things working. Thanks a lot to everybody for the answers!

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