Hi guys , i have a little problem with lollypop music player : the web radio wont work but the same adress in rythmbox work..
i have opened a issue on github
but without resul at now , is there others with this issue ?

Hi @Ste74, radio section works on me, did you enable network access on lollypop preferences?

Edit: Screenshots


This is very odd grrrrr :rage: delete my dconf settings solve this issue ..


Hi @Ste74,

sorry to bring back this post, but I am unable to play spotify, itunes music from the Lollypop, as I used to like a month ago. (Meanwhile I switched to Cinnamon and recently back to gnome, so I have pretty fresh install, around week or so).

After the fresh install this was the first time I was trying to play online music. so I downloaded youtube-dl (this was required to play youtube or spotify/itunes music), added custom search API from my google account (this is also required). but still no luck

Under preferences page, there used to be itunes, spotify entries. now they are missing and instead there is and (after-installing the corresponding package).

I am able to play online radios, but network search doesn't work.

Thus I am wondering, did Lollypop team decided to drop youtube support? or this is a bug? I tried to do some search in the web but seems there is nothing regarding to this.

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Same issue here. Network access is enabled, Custom search API created and added but no youtube, spotify, or itunes. I've changed versions of lollypop, built from source, deleted dconf settings, tried python 2 over python3, I've searched all over for any bits of help, but still no luck. The music player has no stand out features now, it plays my local music library like any other player would do.

I wonder is this a bug or a intended decision by the developer? I could not find anything in the github page (in contrary, it seems still can be used for youtube and itunes, etc)

I am unable to use itunes or youtube with it. :frowning: I wonder if it is a bug, another computer running linux mint 18.2 has it working fine.


Yeah in their infinite wisdom they removed it and it's posted as "wont fix"

#1. Please don't necro 1 year old threads.
#2. If you are going to gripe about something please have a clue about what you are posting. This is not a won't fix, it is a can't fix. Spotify does not support third party apps. Lollypop in this instance woul dbe a third party app.

@nadb that's not true. libspotify is deprecated but spotifyd works pretty well as a deamon. Using it with spotify-tui for quite a while without problems :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: Sorry for necro :man_facepalming: I thought the last post had been this year not 2019. Won't happen again

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