[LONG SOLVED] Can you devs put up a iso for Deepin if it’s ready. That’s what I am waiting on,!

thanks in advance!

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Are you kidding?! It has been released an hour before your post!

Thanks didn’t mean to demean, great job!

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No worries, mate. Things move fast around here! :smiley:

Just a tip for the future: Posts like this in any forum are rude. Period. Updates are ready when they're ready and not before. Volunteer developers have lives outside of developing. They don't get a paycheck, there are no deadlines and there are no paying customers. Also please follow general forum etiquette and search before posting.

Food for thought: 19 'Thank You in Advance' Alternatives That Are Far More Polite


Your right no rudeness ment, won’t be a next time from me. I get it!

Anyone else need to get anything off their chest,s? I am here for ya,

Great distro for sure though, exactly what I was wanting! Thank you all!

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