Lost status connection Xfce - plugin

I am connected with the internet while my panel shows disconnected. Anyone else with the same problems?

Hopefully this can be fixed by removing the existing connection settings, and then re-adding the connection. You may also need to reboot.

Manually delete your network connection in Network Manager.

After the connection is deleted, then recreate your wifi connection in network manager.

Right click over the wifi icon in your system tray.

Scroll down to configure network connections.

Delete any connections under wifi in the left pane.

Then click on the "+" button to add a connection.

Choose wifi from the list.

When the new window appears click on ssid and enter the name of the connection for the wifi you want to connect to.

Click the tab for your wifi security, choose the one that corresponds to the wifi security you are using.

Enter the password for your wifi then click on save

Then, reboot.

Thanks, I'll look into it, allthough it does not happen all the time. It only occasionnaly happens. So, it is not really a big deal.

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