Low dpi UI for steam and discord app

Hello, I am recently having some problems with the UI on steam and discord app. Sometimes it opens with low dpi UI and sometimes it gets back to normal. Here are some pictures:
Now you might won't notice a difference at first but there is if you look at the quality of the text compared to other normal dpi text (even better if you have those apps to compare with my pictures).
Well everything was good before I messed with the Compositor Settings for Desktop Effects and changed the rendering backend from OpenGL 2.0 to 3.1 which completely did this for everything on my screen. Everything got blurry afterwards similarly to those pictures but worse. Did a reboot afterwards and it fixed the low dpi/blur overall but not on these apps.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

If an issue persists then it's likely because something has been cached.

Do a

rm -fr $HOME/.cache/*

and see if that helps.

(There's nothing in .cache that won't be re-created if/when needed so this is a safe operation)

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It did not help sadly. I restarted steam right after and it's still blurry. Same for discord.

If this isn't repeatable it's going to be very difficult to find the root cause.

If you can find a way of repeatably replicating the issue that's one step to finding the cause.

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Everytime I mess with the Compositor Settings for Desktop Effects and the rendering backend this happens: Screenshot
Everything gets blurry/low dpi. A reboot will fix it but it recently broke Steam and discord. Right now everytime I open these 2 apps they are always blurry with low dpi. Before I messed with these settings this only happened sometimes and not always.
EDIT: it looks like changing to OpenGL 3.1 fixed the issue. Wierd. Will report back if this happens again.

EDIT2: it seems that a simple reboot after doing rm -fr $HOME/.cache/* was what fixed the issue. My apologies for misinterpreting the solution.

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