Low FPS in Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Okay it sounds like you need to troubleshoot the problem. Please have a read of this thread: How to provide good information in your posts.

I suggest comparing the output from 'journalctl' between a boot when everything runs nicely and one where it does not. Something like journalctl -b-x -p3 (x being an integer and referring to how many boots ago you wish the log from, use -b for current boot), or perhaps try -p4 if no relevant information seems apparent.

Assuming you can't solve the issue yourself, make a new thread so that the issue is clear and not confused by what is already in this thread. Include at least inxi -Fxz and whatever error messages are given by journalctl. And remember, the most important thing about a book is its cover. :wink:

(Steam will use the native runtimes by default if steam-native is installed. In my experience this gives the best results. On occasion a game will only run, or run better, with the steam runtimes.)

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