LXQT not booting after install: error you need to load the kernel first

Look on the eeePC-Forum for it .

I don't see such a forum and a google search got me nowhere. Is it possible that by doing an install of LXQT in erase mode I've ruined the netbook?? I just paid $60 for the new SSD.

I see the second link by clicking on the green highlight, but the instructions make no sense to me at all. I really would appreciate some step by step help.

eeePC-Forum is a generic/universal/common description of multiple places where people discuss about eeePC ... is not a dedicated forum as this Manjaro forum is. For example, this would be one of those places

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I don't think the eee pc actually has efi capability. I came across this:

The eeePC is NOT an EFI system. Those are basically Apple Macs and some servers.

The "EFI" partition has nothing to do with the Extensible Firmware Interface . It just reuses the EFI partition id. and is used by the "Boot Booster" functionality.

So, can I return to my initial question please. What do I need to do, step by step, so that LXQT will boot. Is it something about the GRUB? I'm afraid I'm really lost here. Would another OS make a difference? I appreciate your patience but I guess I need some hand holding.

so can you boot on USB stick manjaro ,
open a terminal , and returns

inxi -Fxxxza 
parted -l 
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Thanks Stephane. What is that supposed to do?

you have not provided infos before

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Ok I ran those commands. Now what?

you have not provided infos yet.

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inxi reports the hardware system details
parted reports the detected disk partitions
efibootmgr gives information about efi environment and boot order

If you want help, post the complete results of those commands.

sorry to be such a newbie but exactly how do I do that?

as you are on USb manjaro ,
launch firefox on this topic
and you will copy informations between [ code ] and [/ code ]

Please explain what you mean. Copy the info from the terminal and paste into this message thread? Are there reports generated in a file? What exactly do I do? Thanks

i think that linux distro is for you
be cause you will have to know some commands for checking or anything else

how can we then help you if we don't have any returns ?

Hey thanks for staying with me guys. I've used various flavors of Linux for 10 years but I've never had a problem like this. So you want me to run each of these commands, copy the results that appear in the terminal and paste into this message thread. Is that correct?

Can I copy and paste from the terminal? Thanks

i won't wait 10 years for that

I want to send this information to you. Kindly tell me how to do that. Thank you

Can you please explain how I send those reports to you. Is there a way to copy and paste from the terminal, or another method. Thanks!

Have a good read of this thread: How to provide good information in your posts

Especially the part about the quotes.

If there's one thing I've learned from this forum is that reading is required on your part. Depending on what terminal you use, Google should tell you the copy and paste shortcuts (we don't know what terminal you are using, so can't help with that).

From what you've described, what do you think the issue could be and what would be the most logical way to go about rectifying it?

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Sorry i have to say that i don't believe that. Even after 10 days of using linux, everybody would at least once open terminal and do a copy/paste command so this

would not even be mentioned

I already provided links to topics that describe what to do to fix grub, but then you decided to take a red hearings road with this:

when i only told you that the EFI partition is required in order to get back the way the laptop worked before, regardless if in BIOS you have or not options for Legacy or UEFI settings ... That was not the discussion.
This forum is fairly here to help people out, but is redundant to repeat the same things over and over, when some information is already at hand.

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