Lxqt Not Work Trash Bin Desktop Icon

Hello! after a fresh install of Lxqt community version, the Trash bin, did not show up on Desktop.
I' vetried to solve this issue looking on this forum https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-1083480-start-0.html
and still did not solve!
The Trash Bin Show on Desktop, but not work
Please, someone can help on this?


I have a very simple .desktop file on a lubuntu install.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=pcmanfm-qt trash:///
Name=Trash (empty)

It looks like your shortcut is untrusted.

Do you have this installed?

I think to add/remove the desktop icons, including trash would be under:
Preferences~LXQt Settings~Desktop
However, It's been a while since I've played with LXQT, so I could be wrong.

Also, check you permissions on ~/.local/share/Trash
Make sure the following folders exist:

I remembered a similiar case

@ linux-aarhus, indeed a simplier config is better!

@AJSlye, yes i have installed the xdg-user-dirs and i selected already the desktop icon.!package



I asked if these folders also exist:

If the later does not exist, then trash:/// will not work properly.
Instead you will get the following error:

Could not write to file /home/{user name}/.local/share/Trash/info/{file or folder name}.trashinfo.

The former is where deleted files and folders are actually held.

@AJSlye ahh ok!
yes the folders exist!folders

In that case, I have no idea whats going on there, but I'll keep searching.

@AJSlye thank you guys for your help, problem solved!

Need to install polkit-gnome and gvfs

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You would think those would be required for lxde, not lxqt.
You might want to use lxqt-policykit instead of polkit-gnome, no gtk3 dependency.
You'd think pcmanfm-qt would be using KIO instead of gvfs.
I mean LXQT is already using KF5 for other things, why wouldn't pcmanfm-qt. :thinking:

Oh well, it's right in the pcmanfm package info:

Wouldn't that be pcmanfm-qt, not pacmanfm-qt?


of course - typo - thank you for spotting it :man_facepalming:

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The problem is that Lxqt is still in transition from Lxde. It still relies on some gtk back end stuff for functionality. Its something I learned creating my unofficial spin that I use as my main desktop. I hope the developers make some improvements in the next release of the desktop.

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