Mabox Linux 17.02 - Manjaro re-spin with Openbox is ready

The topic is idle, but there are ISO's of version 17.0.2 on the project website:

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Thanks. I'll give it a try on VM. Sad to see it frozen though, heard a great deal about it. Thanks again.

Well I found this topic on their forum, from August:

In the first line napcok (project leader) says:

"Trwają prace nad kolejnym wydaniem Maboxa."

which means "We are working on next edition of Mabox".
So now we just have to be patient (although it's been nearly 3 month so...) :smiley:
In the meantime I suggest trying out i3 edition or JWM a.k.a. Kibojoe.


Perfect. I suspect it'll be worth the wait. And yes, I've been using @Holmes JWM edition way before it became Kibojoe :grinning: Thanks for your help mate. Cheers.


I've installed the 686 version of Mabox 17.2. I keep getting 404 errors when trying to update. Does Arch's stopping 32 bit support include Mabox?

Check the #manjaro32 tag. Especially (the first part of) the post

I installed on 10 year old PC, runs quick and it is beautiful and functional. I had minor difficulties with updating but now it is resolved. I hope the development continues..., had >500 apps to update...

Have to say it is beautifully functional.

excited to try this! thank you.

Is this still active, it's been a year it seems since an updated iso was released?

Note, I've always been a user, but I love openbox and wouldn't mind helping maintain this with some get my feet wet per say.


I'd also like to know. Fell in love with openbox after my first Linux distro, Crunchbang.

Try's a great openbox implementation..that is if this one doesn't pan out.

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I think I'd like a Fluxbox version over an Openbox version of Manjaro to be made since Fluxbox is still in development whereas Openbox isn't (and still has a lot of pull requests opened).

Edit: Actually the last version of Fluxbox was 2015-02-08... so nvm... Last Openbox commit was 2015-03-03

lol... they are both pretty old school.

Wish there was a new minimal option just to have something new to play with.

Kibojoe Linux

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

Will check it out, downloading now.

Download Manjaro Architect, there are tons of options in there.

There is also Bspwm-mate now I believe.

Fluxbox is still developed however

Oh, I was looking in Sourceforge page and it shows last update was 2016-07-30. But the last release was 1.3.7 seen here, and on their website, which was a 2015-02-08. I didn't pay attention to the GitHub since it says it is a mirror. Still no release in 3 years :confused:

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From least to lost minimal:
Awesome, I3, jwm, bspwm, bspwm-minimal.

Awesome has ease of use as the first priority and includes most things that people expect from a desktop (225-300Mb ram depending on whether it is full version). I3 has minimal aesthetic and interface, but includes a lot of apps (~210Mb). Jwm is mostly minimal, but includes calamares for installer (<150Mb). Bspwm is very minimal, with no gtk2 or qt included, just gtk3-classic (<125Mb). Bspwm-minimal is even more minimal, without gtk3, pulse audio or real gui apps (<100Mb).


been using the ancient openbox respin iso off sourceforge for this for a long time. with it being rolling release I've just updated after install but next time i do an install I'm absolutely going to use this. Glad to see someone is making an openbox respin again :slight_smile:

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