Mac Mini (2009 or 2010) bad idea?

My desktop died. See the link below. I've been looking at what's next. I thought of the Mac Mini with a Linux install but from what I see that looks like a bad idea. Have there been success stories that I haven't seen?

Apple hardware in general is always a gamble. There have been plenty of success stories, and plenty of horror stories to counter them. I suggest other hardware.

If your looking for something small. Intel NUC will be a good option. Just add ram and storage. And your good to go. I have mod mine to be fanless.

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I think it should be ok I use macbook air from 2103 no problem just try it and you will see. Newer macs are locked by T2 chip.

No USB 3.0 on Mac Mini 2009.
No way to upgrade.
Would look for alternatives.

I just started working with (...and having) an iMac 5,1 a couple of weeks ago and it's running extremely well, so if the main concern is the age of the thing - I can at least speak positively on that count, as mine is a 2006. I had a time getting it configured and installed, but both Manjaro and Apple Hardware are unfamiliar areas for me, so.. who's to say?

what about this then :slight_smile:

This site outlines their trials, seems like a debian base (according to their testing) runs best.

Another link, project thread from arch forums on a slightly newer device.

After reading those, why not try it out? If it fails, you'll learn a lot, if it works you'll have a working device, kind of win win to me. [posting this from a 20-something samsung chromebook running arch]

I have a 2010 curious now. I'll dl v19 Manjaro tonight see what happens. I plugged the thing in last summer after 4 years non use...the clock was still accurate to the second. Originally bought with a first gen iPad but I broke that and lost interest in apple stuff just a little too high priced and locked down for me.

Hehe I still have an original iPad as photo shuffle display on the fridge, it still works after almost ten years.
MacMini should run good with Linux just put there some SSD.

If it works might pick up a cheap SSD though thinking of using it as a video server so slow boot not really a problem. I liked the iPad but not enough to replace it. Especially back then when it didn't do flash.

Todays iPads are completely different devices. For example iPad mini last gen renders video faster then LenovoP50 4cores with dGPU under win or linux... same with RAW photos, it is my main working device for multimedia.

I wouldn't buy one solely for putting Linux on it. Getting audio drivers working is often a pita and getting WiFi working is almost always a pita. Old Chromebooks and netbooks can often be repurposed with Linux and tend to be cheaper. I've been running ubuntu on an old hp stream for a couple of years now, cost me £70 on eBay (with that said I wouldn't recommend the HP stream unless you get an amazing deal on one, broadcom).

I look at them but I think I'd really like a convertible more than a tablet. I do miss the really good star map program it had never found one as good for win or nux.

I have install Manjaro KDE on my macbook (year 2008 model 4.1 ) during last summer 2019: every thing is working fine and all the manjaro updates until now, worked without any trouble ;).

manjaro macbook

Yeah mac was normal pc from 2006 to 2016 (Intel-T2 security chip)

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