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I've been having trouble with a MacBook broadcom wireless chipset (BCM4360) not working. I'm really new to Linux in general so I'm not sure how to get the proper driver set--right now it's trying to use the "bcma" module despite having installed "linux-rt-lts-manjaro-broadcom-wl".

Looking at the wiki, it states I need to have "broadcom-wl" installed for my chipset; however, searching for "broadcom-wl" doesn't yield anything even in the AUR. Is "linux-rt-lts-manjaro-broadcom-wl" the correct package for my Linux kernel? I'm currently running 4.14.67-1. Thank you.

Are you actually using the real time kernel.

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I had no clue what RT stood for and I noticed that the previous package installed (linux-rt-lts-manjaro-broadcom-wl) installed linux414-rt-broadcom-wl. I uninstalled both, installed linux414-broadcom-wl and rebooted. Currently posting this on my wifi network. Thank you!!!

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Follow these steps to hopefully resolve your broadcom driver issues.

You're very welcome. Wow, that probably rates as an all time quickest WiFi fix. Glad you got it resolved. :smile:

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