MacOS to Linux Manjaro GNOME and now KDE Journey

Hello to the entire Manjaro Community.
I moved from MacOS to Linux recently and have been using Manjaro for a while now and loving it. The entire Journey/Experience was wonderful and rewarding in knowledge and meeting friends.
Logically like many ex mac users I started with GNOME, but after installing Manjaro KDE on my tablet I also moved my computer desktop to KDE and after one month I have to say Plasma is really great.
The ARM Manjaro KDE version work wonderful and the KDE Plasma on my laptop really is the best.
Thank you to the entire community for helping me and giving me useful advice on the matter.

I am sending a recommendation to all my macos friends to move to Linux and recommending Manjaro.

all the best, Lexie

p.s. have a great day all and a wonderful weekend ahead and I hope you enjoy your manjaro journey.


It is wonderful to hear you are enjoying Manjaro and Linux! I hope you don't mind but I'm going to move this to our user stories section in #general-discussion. Glad to hear the community has been helpful and friendly. :grinning:


IF I knew that exited I would have written it in that section my self, thanks for the info and the move.

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No problem. People can post stuff in Newbies if they're not sure where to post, and then forum members or mods can move it to the right section. You didn't break any rules. :grinning:


Great to hear!

I think I'm on year 3 with Manjaro KDE. This is after 5 or so years on Fedora Gnome.

Manjaro is the only way to fly for me except on my Raspberry Pi 4 I prefer Raspberry Pi OS which is Debian based.

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well details are not important, but my account is under suspicion of some rule violations, fast solution: I will quit the forum and problem solved for everyone. will continue to use manjaro, but not the forum.


I wish everyone a great and wonderful journey with Linux and Manjaro. Goodbay, from Lexie.

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