Magically Maddeningly Magnificent March (2018) Screenshots



Trying Plasma again... I really, really want to love this desktop environment, we'll see if it lasts.



One annoyance I'm having right now is some programs not respecting my cursor theme namely Libre Office and Firefox switch my cursor theme to Oxygen Blue and even if I fix it, it reverts back after a restart. (Visible in last screenshot)


There are a couple of suggestions in this thread.

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Thank you that did fix the cursor issue!

This is one of my favorite wallpapers. Love me some Detroit steel!


a better looking BSPWM.... [any idea how to install nerd-fonts-complete from aur ? pacaur returns failed to verify and aborts !
once again, kudos to @kainonergon for constantly updating the look / user-friendly working of the panel
wall credit to @ant


Still making experiments in VBox


masterpiece as always!


Le mariage de la carpe & du lapin -> A square peg in a round hole ! :wink:
More seriously, packagekit is at default place or have you find a magical way to integrate it to Bryce ?

Is just de default Manjaro KDE install + the nulogic repository thanks to @AJSlye :wink:
Installed Enlightenment and the dependencies, added KDE services to startup + Yakuake + the Order of them. Still playing around when i get time for it.
Bryce ? No, i prefer Krita for drawing and Blender for 3D, but for this was not the case to use any of them :slight_smile:
I know is a bit of frankensteined system, but is VBox anyway. Still didn't find a nice solution to have the Tablet settings working without xsetwacom in Enlightenment, but trough KDE. What i like about it is the workflow and the very low memory and CPU usage + the interface is candy. There are still few things i have to test ... The tweaking was minimal.



I was talking about the new E-shelf..! :slight_smile:

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To be honest, last time i played with Enlightenment was few years ago, and i can't recall much from that time, so i can't tell what's different since back then. The way the Shelf is now is absolutely fantastic, to be able to move all the contents (iBar, Pager and all the widgets) to whatever place on it is fantastic. And now i see the confusion i was making ... hahaha ... The "Desktop Bryce" is not quite for me, but i still didn't play with it much. The fact that i find it difficult to right click and get the settings for it, made me drop the tests of using it ... Cheers, and thanks for reminding me that sometimes same name can refer to something else, not only what i have in mind ... hahaha

Edit: i always forget that i can restart E on the fly and get the right click to Bryce settings working :smiley:
I'll play with it, but now i understand a bit better the advantage of it :wink:

Bryce = gadget bar.
It's the eventual replacment to shelves.
Rightclick on the desktop or start menu, scroll down to desktop, and you'll see add bryce, or gadget bar in the list.

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Yes, yes ... i'm playing with it right now, but i would like to remove the clock and the menu button, and keep one "default" launcher but the other one to have different icons. That i managed but from the bryce i can't remove the clock, nor the menu button ... Personally i like the shellves, or maybe is just that reminds me of the time i saw the first time E ... :slight_smile:

Alt + right click on them to get their menu.
Alt + left click to drag them around (change order)
Use space bar gadgets to space them out in bryce (works like the spacer applet in cinnamon).

I wonder why that doesn't work here ... Might be because VBox or something ... hmmm ... I'll investigate, or rather boot the other machine where i have it on bare metal :slight_smile:

Cannot agree more.
(However this is maybe not the right thread.)


Yes, a new thread would be best.

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