Magnet Links

Please provide magnet links alongside the torrent files for downloading the Manjaro iso images. While my torrent client opens the downloaded torrent file automagically, the actual file remains on disk and becomes a clutter. I always prefer to use a magnet link when available. (It would also save on the additional request/response to the server)

Depending what Browser you use, you can always set to Open a torrent file instead to save it locally, so your default torrent client will "pick it up".
Also, some clients (like Transmission-Qt) have this option:


so whatever clutter can a 20KiB file create, would be gone instantly.

i didn't comment to dismiss your idea and request, just that i have no problem with the current way of providing downloads for the iso

you do realize when you click a magnet link it also creates a .torrent file that stays on the disk till you delete it, right? Only way to avoid it is to specify in your torrent client to delete the ,torrent file once your download is done.

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