Make fcitx respect system layout?

I have installed fcitx, as well as fcitx-mozc to be able to type in Japanese. However, when the input is inactive, it completely overrides current system layout and sets it to a language that was set as inactive in fcitx preferences every time you switch the text field (or remove even one letter). Because I use two other languages equally, it makes typing in a non-inactive language pretty difficult.

There is a workaround, which is to set up Japanese as the inactive input and switch between other active languages. The problem here is that the classic Alt+Shift hotkey simply does not work in fcitx: the shift key and alt key work together only if they are separated by the Space key. Being forced to get used to a different set of hotkeys seems weird, considering Monjaro is very customizable and overall this behavior looks not intended.

Is it possible to just make fcitx respect the system layout while in inactive state? I went through other similar topics, but the only one that mentioned the exact same problem was left without an answer. I remember fixing the problem on Linux Mint by using Ibus-mozc, but ibus-mozc is not in the official repository.

Ibus-anthy is not an option, since for some reason it only allows to write in hiragana, but does not suggest any words (e.g written in kanji).

I use Manjaro with xfce4.


I think this is the simples method, but there is nothing wrong to make use of ibus-mozc from AUR.

All right. Even though I used the instruction you provided - and fcitx was malfunctioning as I described earlier - I ended up going with ibus and installed ibus-mozc from AUR. That easily solved my issue, thank you for pushing me in the right direction.

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