Make Firefox Usable? (KDE Plasma)

Hi all

Can anyone please tell me how to tweak the settings in Firefox for it to work properly? It seems hardware acceleration is switched off and I can't find a way to switch it on. Also I read somewhere that there was a way to make each tab open in it's own process - this would be really handy as if I have about 5 tabs open and two of them decide to play videos (Ublock origin doesn't always catch them), all of the tabs lock up and sometimes I have to kill the whole firefox process - bang goes all my tabs.

I have tried some tweaks from the Arch Wiki but some of the options don't seem to work or are called something else, don't know if this is specific to Manjaro or if some of the Wiki is out of date.

Thanks in advance.

Oh You mean multithreading???

There's a guide on how to activate multithreading for firefox in this forum ( Under 'Optimize hardware usage' Section) :

Performance issues with Firefox are normally down to the extensions you have installed. Go to about:performance and see which extensions are causing an problem.

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