Mali Merges!

Ooh shiny.


tldr :crazy_face:
does this mean better open source support for devices like Odroid N2?

While it wont mean OMG AAA GAMES 3D or anything ... it hopefully will mean desktop gpu acceleration for basic things like animations, smoother playback, etc.

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Hopefully by time 5.2 comes about, the N2 will be using mainline kernel. I'll be trying a bring up pretty soon, been hesitant and put to the back since the graphics support just hasn't been there..

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The merges includes the Lima (mali-4xx series) and Panfrost (pretty much anything newer than 4xx) open source GPU drivers.

They are gonna be in Linux 5.2.

Better? Yes. Will it be complete? No.

That's the idea.
Video playback is another beast in itself, as that's handles by the VPU driver.

There is still no commit in the mainline tree that includes N2 support, so it will probably not make it within this merge window. But I have read somewhere, that it should make it for 5.3. There is no .dtsi/.dts file that matches the N2 in the kernel tree.

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