Manjaro 15.12

couple of years a go I have been introduced to manjaro 15.12 and it worked smoothly on my old machine until, the update. after the updated the system broke and I could not manage to log in anymore.

I have downloaded Manjaro 15.12 and it works nice but I can not update anything, its ok if I can not update the system but I need to update the app and have an access to install the apps I need. Is there is a way to do that?

My machine is an old thinkpad r50e with 1500 mhz and 1 g ram.


that has a 32-bit processor. you'll need to use the 32-bit branch to update. after you switch branches, you SHOULD be able to do a full update.

Why not downloading a newer iso version?, it will probably work as smooth as it was and you will have the troublesome update already applied.

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the problem is not to be able to update from 15.12 to newer version without breaking the system. thre is a topic here from 2 years ago when we tried to solve it and we could not, since the updates continue afterwards, the newer version does not work as well. I have tried the newer versions and the new 32 branch, non worked, due to that specific update.

Then what's the point of using manjaro?, if you would be able to actually update it before the broken update then the time would pass and you would end up in a dated system, if you can't update a rolling release distro then what's the point of using it?, so we should first try to fix the update problem so you can keep up using manjaro.

the point is that, we tried to fix it and it did not work, maybe because of lack of expertise from my side. However the system is working fine and i am satisfied with it, i just want a way to update and able to install the apps i need, even if manually. i want to revive this old machine.

I would strongly advice getting newer 32bit Manjaro working on it or looking another distro. Lot has changed in that time and using such old system will be limiting and insecure.
For example: you won't be able to install any new packages. Wifi won't be secure. You will be susceptible to meltdown and spectre security wholes and lot of others.

Superficially all might seem to be ok but that's not a solution unless you won't be using Internet on this laptop and you won't need to install anything.

You may find a newer ISO here.

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