Manjaro 18.0.4 Preview released!

With Manjaro 18.0.3 we didn't test encryption support within our installers Calamares and Architect. Therefore that release is broken in that regard. However, we found the missing pieces and put out a new Preview for the upcoming v18.0.4 release. So please test and give us the needed feedback. The release is scheduled for the first weekend of March.


We ship with Plasma 5.15.1, Apps 18.12.2 and Framework 5.55.0. Latest Mesa and Kernel v4.19.25 are powering that edition.


We ship with Gnome 3.30.2, latest Mesa and Kernel v4.19.25 are powering that edition.


We ship with XFCE 4.13.2, latest Mesa and Kernel v4.19.25 are powering that edition.


What are these missing pieces? I read LUKS2 has been rolled back in today's testing announcement, is that still the case here?

Why not with xfce 4.14? Isn't it in the repos already?

Cryptsetup 2.1 changed to use LUKS2 by default when luksFormatting partitions, but LUKS2 /boot partitions are not yet supported by grub, thus fully encrypted Calamaraes installed systems were unable to boot.

LUKS1 is now explicity used with --type luks1.

Xfce 4.14 has not been released yet. It's using the latest dev 4.13 packages (they have -gtk3 appended to them)

Oh wow. Hasn't it been in development for a while? Any idea on when it will be released?

Is this a temporary fix until 18.0.4 hits stable? Any idea when/if grub gains support?

This is a system installation issue only, it will not effect existing systems.

This issue only effects 18.0.3 live ISOs and will only fail with full system encryption installations. This because it includes cryptsetup 2.1 which defaults to LUKS2 when luksFormatting partitions.

18.0.2 contains cryptsetup 2.0.6, which defaults to LUKS1, so full system encryption installs work fine.

18.0.4 uses cryptsetup 2.1 but Calamares now enforces LUKS1 device creation with --type luks1. The 18.0.4pre4 ISOs have been created for testing, if all goes will they should be released soon.

Anyone planning to do a full encrypted system install either use 18.0.2 or wait until 18.0.4 is released, don't use 18.0.3.

No idea if and when grub developers will enable support for LUKS2 /boot partitions.


You don't understand, 4.14 hasn't released but that doesn't mean xfce hasn't been in development, for example we now have a color calibration tool in xfce, impair version numbers are development versions of xfce so you are actually using 4.14 when using 4.13.
Oh and it will be released when it's ready :wink:


Architect installer in 18.0.4 preview affected by this? Is there an alternative to grub (fde wise)?

Been a while since I've done an Architect encrypted install.

Using Architect you setup your encryption before proceeding with the install, don't know if --type luks1 is enforced for /boot partitions.

You could let us know, complete the encryption setup then check the device type with sudo cryptsetup status [mapper device].

@Chrysostomus would know too.

Other bootloaders include rEFInd and systemd-boot, which I think Architect supports, but read up on them as they have quirks.

Do you plan to include the kernel 4.20 in this release?
Please do, because it includes driver and support for the latest Intel graphics. With 4.19 (and below) it is impossible to do an install graphically from a live USB desktop, if you got the latest Intel graphics. #Related

Try booting with nonfree drivers. Took away the lag in my case.

Interesting, thanks for the tip! :sunglasses:

Well, that is the plan until upstream has the missing pieces ready, like grub. For now cryptsetup defaults to luks1.

type:    LUKS1
  cipher:  aes-xts-plain64
  keysize: 512 bits
  key location: dm-crypt
  device:  /dev/nvme0n1p2
  sector size:  512
  offset:  4096 sectors
  size:    1999353856 sectors
  mode:    read/write


Error: diskfilter writes are not supported ...

Corners cannot be configured using sample monitor.

Mouse pointer smaller on window borders.



Touchpad tap-to-click greyed-out:

Can't have trackpoint and touchpad enabled simultaneously. Keboard dies and can only be resuscitated by waking up from a sleep state.


  • Grub takes over 10 seconds to mount LUKS. Not sure if this is a Manjaro thing.
  • HIDPI experience is poor, though this is true for every linux distro. Increasing DPI to 192 breaks windows (cropped).
  • Firefox is missing from Manjaro Architect install.


Please include 4.20, my hardware doesn't work on older kernels. Nonfree drivers also do not help.

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Manjaro only bundles LTS kernels with their ISOs. The latest one being 4.19. What hardware do you have that is only supported on 4.20 and not 4.19?

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If you can't reach desktop install metapackage linux420 from tty2.

Otherwise search for kernel in the application menu/launcher and have at it.

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