Manjaro 18.1.0 - Juhraya finally released!


After six months of development, version 18.1 of Manjaro Linux is now available. Juhraya offers numerous improvements, especially with regard to Office productivity applications and package management.

LibreOffice or FreeOffice: the choice is yours

Until now, only LibreOffice has been preinstalled. The latest version of Manjaro give you now a choice during installation. With the latest stable version 18.1 of the operating system, you can opt for the no-cost Office suite FreeOffice 2018 from the German software developer SoftMaker, still go for LibreOffice or even skip to install any Office Suite at all.

The FreeOffice suite targets users who value seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office. It uses the current Microsoft file formats DOCX, XLSX and PPTX natively. Due to demand from the Manjaro community, FreeOffice has been extended to support the earlier Microsoft formats DOC, XLS and PPT as well as the standardized document format OpenDocument Text (ODT). Additionally a darkmode got added aswell. Newcomers to Microsoft Office will quickly find their way around the professionally designed ribbon interface. For users who prefer to work with a classic user interface, FreeOffice can be changed on-the-fly to offer menus and toolbars.

FreeOffice can be used both at home and commercially without restrictions. SoftMaker released its first version of FreeOffice for Linux in 2012 and has been supporting it ever since with regular updates and feature improvements that will benefit all Manjaro users as well.

Standard FlatPak and Snap support through bauh

Another significant innovation in Manjaro 18.1 is the integrated support for FlatPak and Snap packages. For this purpose, the graphical package management tool “bauh” (formerly known as “fpakman”) is now available to users.

Improved desktop integration

All three of Manjaro's desktop editions—Xfce, KDE, and Gnome—have been significantly enhanced with new features designed to bring the desktop and operating system into perfect harmony. This includes the new “Matcha” theme of the Xfce Edition, KDE's completely redesigned messaging system variant and new buttons for the Gnome version. It uses Xfce 4.14, KDE Plasma 5.16 and Gnome 3.32.


Can someone please assist with adding this version to Wikipedia?


great congratulations to you all, you are really great! I am proud to be a manjaro user :clap::clap::clap:


great jobs guys. just downloaded the iso image...just wondering when the updates will be ready to download, ie the rolling updates? sorry, just really keen to try out that fixes

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Congratulations for all the effort and love you put in this wonderful distro!
Manjaro for ever! :clap::clap::clap:

PS: Time to also update the page. :slightly_smiling_face:


love the great job @philm keep up man. This distro saved me from microsoft and i love it and i'm happy that now you guys will become a company


stable-branch is already up to date.

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Hurra! Updated yesterday and 18.1.0 was there.

oh, ok. i only got the manjaru-release package updated, and no others. i still am running kernel 4.19.69, and other packages weren't updated

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH :pray::pray::pray:

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That is correct. If you want to know when which package get updated, you can also look at this mailing list. Updates to stable will come when a set of packages is tested. You may switch to testing branch if you want faster updates.

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Just one curiosity... why 18.1 instead of 19.0?

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Major releases we always ship with LTS kernels. v5.4 was not ready. Also we only changed small things so far.


Congratulation on that release. It was really needed, the previous ISOs were starting to rot.

Just a question, when can we expect the minimal ISO images, assuming they are still planned?


I'm currently working on those.


From the testing update news:

If I'll install 18.1 through architect is it going to be 242 or 243?

im quite new here, and unsure how things work, how long does it usually take before the new community iso's are released? cinnamon is the one im interested in

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Hi :slight_smile:
Depends on how much free time have maintainers. It can be two weeks or month.
rc7 is now in testing so this shouldn't take much time Manjaro Cinnamon 18.1.0 rc7 ISO (testing branch)

Check from time to time for latest news :slight_smile:


If will be 242 as this is in the repo's

Locate the iso in the OSDN iso repo and download the latest available - then update and - viola - you have a 18.1

LXQt, LXDE and Openbox ISO will be updated soon.


On the Stable branch, it is still systemd 242. 243 was only in Testing (and Unstable), and it got reverted because it was considered not good enough in its current status.

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