Manjaro 18.1.4-rc1 is online now!

We are happy to announce our current RC of Manjaro 18.1.4. This time we updated to linux54 series, which will be the next LTS kernel. Give it a try and let us know.


  • linux54 as LTS kernel series
  • fixes to our themes
  • pamac has its second RC of 9.2 series
  • latest Plasma5
  • small adjustments to Gnome
  • updated Packages on our XFCE edition

@philm, does this release candidate finally support a separate /usr filesystem "out of the box"? I am asking because up until and including the current 18.01.3 release, that is still not the case.

I know that the vast majority of Manjaro users will keep the contents of their /usr on the root filesystem itself, but it really doesn't hurt anyone anywhere to have those three extra hooks ─ [usr], [fsck] and [shutdown] ─ added to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf by default. On the other hand, it does create quite a bit of extra work from within a chroot if those hooks are not present for those of us who want to have /usr on a separate partition.

Thanks in advance. :wink:

We can work on this with 19.0 series. Take a look at Calamares modules and write me an exact guideline what is needed to have this working.


you can do this with calamares
by changing in liveiso
and editing
so installed system will have those hooks in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

i enabled early kms with this method so
that Plymouth will work on installed system from first boot


@Librewish has just done that below your post. :+1: All it takes is to add the [usr] , [fsck] and [shutdown]hooks. :wink:

[fsck] is added automatically
depending on filesystem
as btrfs doesn't need fsck so its not added
only [usr] and [shutdown] needs to be added

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Well, I have /boot on ext4, so I've added it. :wink: My other partitions (except of course the EFI system partition) are indeed btrfs. :slight_smile:

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It depends on which cases they need to be added. Take a look at the module source. For [usr] we should probe if /usr is on a separate partition. [fsck] has a case normally and will be added as needed. [shutdown] needs also a case to be added via initcpiocfg module.

Well, I don't speak Python, but the coding seems pretty straightforward, so I suggest that the section starting at line 128 be altered into something like the following ─ hopefully someone will correct my mistakes, if any... :arrow_down:

for partition in partitions:
        if partition["fs"] == "linuxswap":
            swap_uuid = partition["uuid"]
            if "luksMapperName" in partition:
                openswap_hook = True
        if partition["fs"] == "btrfs":
            btrfs = "yes"
        if "lvm2" in partition["fs"]:
            lvm2 = "yes"
        if partition["mountPoint"] == "/" and "luksMapperName" in partition:
            encrypt_hook = True
        if (partition["mountPoint"] == "/boot"
                and "luksMapperName" not in partition):
            unencrypted_separate_boot = True
# Suggested addition
        if partition["mountPoint"] == "/usr"

while at it enable early kms by default
by adding

MODULES="i915 amdgpu nouveau radeon"

I'm going to let @philm take care of that. This is way above my pay grade . :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is shutdown for a separate usr partition needed? Also there exists a systemd shutdown hook.

Would only make sense if those drivers are used.

Remember, the existing web seed URL's don't work. The direct ISO link for GNOME for example is:

You can't host a torrent with no seeds. :wink:

They should work after a while as they are symlinks on the osdn server network. Also known as short links.

Good news, Manjaro 18.1.3 get automatic updates to 18.1.14 soon. Or i need install it again ?

The stable branch will soon* reach this updates, you then have to start the update yourself using whichever method you like best

Not many systems do not. For example, this 9th Gen Intel rig has only partial success booting unless an i915 hook is enabled in MODULES.

Hmm, I've never seen them work. I'll see how this one goes since I'm the only peer with no seeds.

OK. thanks for response. Also one little question(i am noob yet in Linux), if I reinstall my system by new(beta 1.8.4) version on the link from twitter, i get automatical corrections after stable 1.8.4 come ? By pamac ?

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